I attend a technical school and the teachers are not qualified to teach. what can I do, now commited to a loan

The technical school that I attend have bogus instructors that are not knowledgeble about the subjects, when new modules are started my instructor leaves us on our own to figure out what to do with it. I left the daytime classes due to the high school mentality of the students, now I attend evening classes. the students are better but the instructor doesn't know what she is doing. I asked her what my grade was on a recent test and she didn't know how to calculate it. Now I am committed to the loan that I took out to pay for this. Either way if I stay I loose if I go I loose. Any Advice??

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    I think checking out exactly what would happen if you withdrew from classes at this point would be a good idea, the sooner the better. You might have to stick with it this semester. Check into community colleges near you (you didn't say where you were, but in the U.S. there's a ton of community colleges). Maybe you can transfer some of your credits from the technical school to a community college. Community colleges are cheaper and generally have pretty good instructors.

    Good luck!

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    Isn't it frustrating to sit there in class knowing that you, as a student, are able to do a better job of teaching? Have you tried talking or writing to your academic advisor(s)? A good idea would be to do some academic background check on your instructor and take a close look on her qualifications. If you spot anything out of the norm or just plain lack of qualifications, simply write to the director of your school. Include in your letter that the teaching you are experiencing leave you with alot to be desired. If all else fails, see if you can transfer to another school using the same loan you are committed to. Good luck.

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    How do you know the teachers are not qualified to teach. Have you ever asked for their credentials? Bogus instructors is a pretty strong phrase. If you can prove it, you can sue the school or the school district. But if you can't, you'd better be careful.

    Is there a counsellor at your school? Have you talked with him or her? Or with the VP, who is usually in charge of this aspect of the school?

    By the way, the phrase you are looking for is "if I stay I lose, and if I go, I lose." Loose means something else entirely.

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    Who is your loan from? The school? The bank? The government? All you have to do is pay it back. Talk to the school and find out what you have to do to withdraw, and you'll get part of your money back--less and less as time goes on so you should hurry.

    If you decide to stick out the classes you're enrolled in at least you should get credit for them, and be able to transfer to another school.

    Next time before you sign up for classes check out


    It's a site where people tell how their teachers are doing. Sometimes people are just jerks, and post obnoxious things but sometimes they give good ratings, so check it out.

    Source(s): www.ratemyprofessors.com
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    Well i dont know about a technical school but when you enter into college you have the first week to drop out without any reprecutions. I'd suggest you get in touch with the people you got the loan from...tell them the situation and try to transfer to another school?

    That seems like about the best that you can do at this point.

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    I paid tuition, graduated from a university, got a job on my own, learned nothing in college that helped me on my job. I had many instructors of dubious value. One, a Chinese math instructor, had an accent so strong, no one knew what he was saying. One instructor took bribes from students so they would not have to do term papers. I did not have one instructor that I would rate as "good."

    All I can say is: "Welcome to the club."

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