What do women think of single fathers???

I've been in a relationship for a few years, and my girlfriend from time to time reminds me that it would be hard for me to find someone else that would date me because I have custody of my son and he lives with me.

What do women really think of men that have never been married but have a child? I know it will differ from person to person, so your opinion with be fine.

I'm 31, and have never been married, and have only had two serious relationships in my life. I'm a very good father, and given that the judge awarded me custody of my son (9 years old). People tell me I'm handsome, and that I use to look like Tom Cruise. Also, I run my own business and make around $200k per year ($100/hr).

Given the above information, am I at a sever disadvantage since I have a son? What do you think?

Many thanks.

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    sounds to me like your girlfriend is insecure. that she is telling you this to keep you around, trying to make you think that no one else would want you.

    i think it depends on the man. and if he really loves his child, then he is a great guy!

    any woman who wouldnt date you just because you are a dad isnt worth your time anyways.

    just keep being a good dad, and dont let her insecurity foster insecurity in yourself!

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    I think your one in a million. Men who take care of their children should be commended and appreciated for what they are doing. Men make as good a parent as a woman does. I was in relationship long time ago with single father of 2 sons we were together for 9 years i loved them as my own, tho relationship folded. Somewhere out there is a woman who will value you for you and your son. Your son should be very proud to have you as a father. Have a happy fathers day. When the time is right that woman where ever she may be will walk into your lives. Your gf sounds jealous making you believe you will find no one else you can. Don't let her come between you an your son as it sounds like that is where its leading.

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    Dump this woman now! That is ridiculous, plenty of women would date you. The only reason I wouldn't date you is because you have low self esteem!

    You should look for someone that is a positive influence in you and your son's life. Some one who makes you stronger not someone who puts you down. Chances are if she has no problem putting you down she won't have a problem putting your son down either! Remember your responsibility as a parent before you consider your responsibilities as a partner. Don't drag people who aren't good enough for your son into his life.

    I know a lot of single mothers who date a lot, and remember there are more women that men in the US. Statistics are on your side.

    Good Luck

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    Well, on paper you are quite impressive. No it doesnt appear to me that you would have all that much of a disadvantage becuase you have a son. Personally I would be more concerned that at 31 you have only had two serious relationships but i would be willing to get to know you better and to see about your personality rather than just making a snap judgement

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    I think single fathers are a huge turn on. LOL If a man is there for his child and raising that child on their on just think what they can bring to a relationship emotionnally. Its HOTT!!! but thats just me. Also a guy whoputs his child first is a plus. I think u should send her on her way! Find someone worth u and ur son's time.

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    you are lame for bragging about your $. You are one of thsoe guys who go on date and keep talking about your $ and toys. Thinking that would impress a girl.

    I think you ruined your son's life. A child could not grow up properly and fulfilled with only 1 parent.

    24/Los Angeles

    "premarital sex creates broken families, broken families creates broken society - a vicious cycle only you can stop."

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    1 decade ago

    no your not women think as men do with a woman with 3 kids. your ex or present girlfriend is trying to control you and make you believe that you wont have a chance so that she can continue to be your periodic girl and she wont have a challenge. don't believe that there are a lot of women who love kids you will especially find those who can't have any and would love to get involved. all types of women. don't listen to her she still wants to fit in and lower your standards

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    1 decade ago

    I think its admiral that you take care of your son .

    If your a good person , it shouldn't bother any descent woman if you have a child or not.

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    No...she is trying to scare you...to make you feel as though you have no other choice for a partner...

    She's full of crap.

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    dude i think u should know that we dont care how much money u make a year

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