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smallville - seven seasons??? please answer!!!?

You know smallville the greatest thing in this world ?! lol with this cute Tom Welling??? BTW what do you thik about smallville and the actors? thanks

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    I love them all! I can't wait till the new season Sept. 28! It's going to be great especailly seeing Tom Welling! I heard his character might finally get with Lois!!! I'm not sure but things will heat up!

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    I've never watched it and I never will. If it has run for seven years that certainly is proof that our children are receiving really lousy educations. Anybody ever hear of the History Channel, the Biography Channel, the Military Channel, PBS?

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    yeah. i like that show too. but of all the episodes.... i miss that one girl the most.... hehe, i meant the girl that can teleport. whats her name. eh.. forgot. but she is dam hot.... and i like her alot now. thanks to smallville. cant wait for the new season. couple of days/weeks away

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    its alright but the sixth season will be the last.. if it does go over it then itl be overkill. u know like 24. thats shoews really getting to much makeup with wat til the ninth season and then theres the movie.. thats really ****** up...

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    i've never seen that show, i don't like it

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