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can this ruin me?

i play football almost full time and its like wen i go to football im talkative and hangin out on the sidelines and being myself just being at football... but wen ever i get home its like i get a whole new type of respect and it feels like i dont have the same attitude as i did wen i left to go to football. then my mom is all wierd on me like she babies me, ive gone through this before and i didnt like it but i liked certain things about it, i got more team respect because i was workin hard on the feild, but wen i got home it felt like i was out of place and i didnt like that at all ...being this way goin back and fourth can that ruin who i really am?

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    No, it will make you a stronger person in dealing with different situations as you go through life. You will learn how to adapt to different conditions which is healthy in our stressful world.

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    Well, if I understood your question correctly due to the lack of punctuation and grammar usage, (there is a spell-check function, please use it!) I would say the best course of action would be for you to examine why you act differently in these two different situations. What would happen if you reversed your behaviour between the two situations. Perhaps this will make clear to you which one of them is the most comfortable for you. Then, you can slowly try to phase the other type of behaviour out.

    If this doesn't work, then maybe the best solution would be to find an equilibrium point between the two. Tell you Mum that you appreciate her attention but that you don't like being treated like a child.

    I doubt that switching back and forth between these two "personalities" will cause you any long-term damage, but there will most likely come a point when you simply get fed up with it and it would be better to deal with the problem before it gets that far.

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    This is normal as you get a life of your own. You will always feel different around your parents. Even when you are much older and have a good job and are married, etc. You mother will be your mother your whole life and that is how she will act. No matter how old you are when you get around you parents things tend to fall back into the parent-child role even though you have a life of your own. Be glad things seem to be going well with your parents. And also be glad you have your own life and the football team.

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    No... I don't know maybe if you have to ask

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