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How to display contact display pictures on msn contact list?

I am currently using the new windows live messanger. and i know that.... it is possible to show a small pic, with the dislpay name on the right, followed by a the e-mail at the bottom. HOWEVER, right now, my contact list is only the name, wid no display pic. only a green msn person stating he/she is online.


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    i was looking for this earlier

    it might have been taken out of the latest version. live messenger was a beta for quite a while and people either complained or the coding didnt work for them.

    as far as i can see they've got rid of them. sorry

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    i'm no longer truly certain with reference to the version of Mac Messenger and domicile domicile windows Messenger. yet I truthfully have study an excellent variety of similar themes with reference to the diplay of image/image on the messenger. attempt to browse on the button about prepare image for mac purchasers. for domicile domicile windows, it really is in easy terms on the messenger field "My prepare image"...

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