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Why does this Happen?

I wake up at night and I am asleep but my eyes are open and I am seeing my dream still with my eyes open and hearing what's going on in my dream,and I can't talk move or make the noises stop. And then I suddenly fall back into a deep sleep. Am I like half asleep half awake?


And whatever I is going on in my dreams I start doing cuz I feel awake but I know I am dreaming and can't wake up

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    it's called sleep paralysis. or something like that. your mind is awake but your body is still asleep. it's like it's really slow to catch up. has this happened before? maybe you have been too tired lately. i get that falling asleep when i am too tired except for the fact that it keeps me from breathing. i will start to fall into a deep sleep then all of the sudden i can't seem to take a breath and i can't move my body or open my eyes. and i have to gather all my strength to move and breath again. it's so scary.

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    To prevent you from hurting yourself during your dreams the human body undergoes a period of paralysis; typically in stage two sleep--your dreaming cycle, or deeper.

    As for having your eyes pop open at night. Are you sure that you aren't dreaming that they are open? Yea, I know it sounds confusing, but that’s dreams for you. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, unless you start having sleep problems, and feel tired when you wake up.

    Once I had a dream that I was at a picnic with my eyes shut, I could actually smell the food. All I had to do was to open my eyes and I would be at the picnic. When I opened my eyes I woke up in my bed (big disappointment). Your dream could just be your body wanting you to wake up.

    Dreams are just the subconscious working things out. Often they have no basis on your real life. I have died in a dream so I know that they aren’t based on reality (That was thirty to forty years ago). That dream wasn’t a nightmare, it was the plot of some terrorists taking over a hospital and I was on the SWAT team that responded. We were doing pretty well, until the elevator cables were cut with explosives and it crushed me.

    You sleep in cycles and four stages; stage one is a light sleep, stage two is the dream state, and stage four is when your body starts to heal and build itself. You go from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 and then back up from 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 several times a night. You can only remember your dreams on the way up, so you miss at least half of them.

    Your dreams are as real as the fantasy book I read last night. Another words they only have power if you give them power. If this dream continues for more than a week or if you start feeling a loss of sleep then I would be consider seeing a doctor. If the dream continues for a couple of days then I suggest that you buy some Melatoin. It is a safe nonprescription pill composed of sleep hormones that your body usually makes (check the drug section in a supermarket or Walmart). It will help you get to sleep and to sleep deeper. But, I don’t think you have a real problem, just a few weird dreams.

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    As to whether you are half awake/asleep,yes..but the cool thing is that supposedly everyone opens their eyes in REM at least once a dream or night..., you are not alone. I have suffered this quirk most of my life. it seems to be that after a certain stage your body totally relaxes, and becomes somewhat paralyzed...there are all kinds of signals zipping around your brain even in sleep and sometimes a noise or whatever i am dreaming "wakes" me up, only i cannot move a muscle...there was a study done and a show regarding it on Discovery and another on TLC..I have learned not to panic and to focus on slowing my breathing so i might focus on say my big toe..if i can get it to wiggle i can Flip over and break out of the "holding pattern" and then i sit up breath deeply and then lie down to sleep thru for real..hope this helps.

    Source(s): personal exp. and learning about it through Discovery channel and TLC and also reading up on sleep disorders.
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    yes and you need a phychiatrist/neurosurgeon.

    Not A Joke BTW

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    wow. u should probly ask a doctor. 2 points

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    it is commonly called sleep walking....

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    i dont know

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    cause it do's that's way it ,it;s ???????

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