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For sports games, XBOX 360 or PS3?

I am only going to play sports games. Nothing else. Please do not say the Wii because I do not like it. Also, for just sports, is there such a huge difference in graphics? Thank you for your answers.

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    Xbox 360....b/c if the rumors hold true (I havent heard anything from sony to dispute them) there will be one small part of PS3 games that will be rewriteable making it impossible to trade your games in or buy used games but also to take your game over to your friends and use it on their ps3....I hope for sony's sake they don't do this b/c it will spell doom for the PS3

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    If it have been for the activities video games i might say PS3. a solid activities sport is a real looking one and PS3 is a few what extra real looking to date as their modern-day video games bypass. Xbox have a tendency to have extra myth video games. The photographs of PS3 are a sprint extra helpful than Xbox and this equals extra real looking video games that are extra helpful for activities. Xbox 360 is for extra hardcore game enthusiasts and geeks that love those myth video games with swords and extraterrestrial beings etc. yet PS3 shop it extra actual. in case you opt to be certain for your self how solid PS3 video games are examine the disired sport on youtube and watch a video of its gameplay. that's fairly as much as you and that i frequently might decide for 360 in different non-sport video games. i'm hoping this helped non the less.

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    Ps3 it has great sports games that will not be released for xbox 360 and motion-tilt controller which makes sports game incredible. I agree with you a bout the Wii, I think its gay and stupid

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    360 - You already have the entire 2005-2006 lineup for all EA titles. Sony's going to be very slow out of the gate so you'll probably have the 2007-2008 seasoins on the 360 as well. Plus the 360 smokes!

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    PS3 will be a lot better for sports games. For example on the XBOX 360 there is no superstar mode in the Madden NFL games, so go with the PS3

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    go with the 360 period cause just like those dell laptops do to the sony battery the ps3 will blow up

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    ps3 becasuse it has a motion censor controller, so you can sort of swing it like a bat in baseball...

    Source(s): Game Pro magazine
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