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what should i mom wants me to go see my granny tomorrow?

i have strict instructions not to walk through the woods because of the big bad wolve...

i'm not scared of him.

what should i tell him if he does confront me?

btw - do you belief in the big bad wolve?

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    Ye' nar a need t' b' havin' th' gooly-wobblers, ye' swagger yeself threw em' pine's wit er' head high, an' chest out, wearin' yer brains as if t' b' a cutlash slung about ye hip, move tall proud an' aware! th' bad wolves b' on th' prowl but only ye can choose t' b' th' prey. But stick t' th' Pirate code.........iff'n ye b' walkin' threw hell, walk fast an' ye'll get out fore th' devil even b' known ye there!

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    ohyea, you do seem to be very scared(in an exited way)

    do what little red riding hood do know the fable, don't you.

    tell the wolve you are a lady and that he needs to court you before matters can progress any further.

    tell him to go visit mommy in the mean time.

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    Would you care to Subscribe to Rent-An-Otter? Statiscally proven to reduce BBW Attacks by 67% at a single use. Reasonable and frogs accepted as deposits.

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    Actually, I think he might just be at Grandmas house. Check the closet. And take a big Canadian with an axe.

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    Take advice from Roald Dahl, put a pistol in your knickers and bag yourself a nice wolf skin coat.

  • 1 decade ago

    Just don't forget to wear, your red hood cape :)

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