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Dying Hair with highlights?

I put blonde highlights in my hair (professionally) last april. Obviously the summer is over, and I want to go back to dark. I have naturally dark brown hair, so I figured it would be easy. The only problem is, is that I have to do it at home because with school, I dont have the money to get it professionally done. I know exactly what color I want, but Im not sure if I have to get rid of the highlights first or what. I dont want to damage my hair either, because it damages easy with dye products. What do you think?

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    I did the same thing and ended up with awful roots and not enough money to get it fixed!!!

    I spoke to a collegues wife (who owns her own salon btw) and her advice was this...

    'Depending on the colour of the blonde you should be able to cover over it, if it's a warmish golden blonde you should be ok but anything lighter than that then you'll end up with ginger streaks.'

    Basically I bought a good dye (l'oreal I think, it was the one with a pre treatment) and did a strand test which turned out ok so did the rest of my hair.

    It turned out absolutely fine, but was a bit 'blocky', by that I mean it was a bit of a shock after having very definate tones to been completely brunette again!

    After a couple of washes it wasn't as severe and I got used to it.

    One thing to be aware of though, bleached hair doesn't hold a colour forever very well so it will fade on your highlights over time.

    At the moment mine have come through slightly again, but look very natural and sun-kissed... it's not a problem as you can just dye again and will more than likely have had a couple of trims by then.

    As for the damage... well I don't think anythings going to do much more damage to your hair after bleaching it and your going to still need to care for it as you would bleached hair as the damage has already been done.

    Lots of intensive conditioners should remedy that problem though.

    Hope this has helped a bit... Good luck!

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    I had the exact same problem - the dark will cover the highlights for a while - then they will start to show thru. I ended up having to gradually cut them/grow them out. It still looks good though - just where your highlights are it will be a little lighter there. I will certainly think it through before doing it again.......that was two summers ago!

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    Just color brown over your highlights. It'll be just fine.

    Source(s): Ten years of experience
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    the new dye will cover the highlights. my neibhor is a hair dresser and does my hair. it wont damage anything

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    Don't do it!!! Never trust them wacky hair products. Save your money and go to a hair stylist.

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    I say save your money. you should do a hair style that looks good with the hilights, do it and other things

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