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my skin is getting drier, i work at night... where can i get an effective moisturizer?

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    I'm not sure what working at night has to do with it, but I have seriously dry skin and have tried everything. The very BEST is 'Renew Intensive Skin Therapy' made by Melaleuca, Inc. I caught a sale... $15 for a 20 oz. bottle (plus shipping).

    Unfortunately, they make it next to impossible to obtain! Check out http://www.melaleuca.com/ You have to be a member and must puchase a certain amount of stuff from them every month, and if this lotion is all you need, it isn't worth joining.

    But I have a friend who is a member and got her to hook me up with some. Maybe you could locate a member somehow and get them to place an order for you.

    I don't understand why they won't just let you order off the website.... they would sell *oceans* of this fabuous, miraculous moisturizer!!

    If you can find a way to score some, it is worth every penny, and then some!!!

    Oh, my second choice is baby oil applied liberally while in the shower and wet... then don't rinse it off. The warth of the shower opens pores and allows the oil to soak in.

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    Depending on your age and what you do as a job, the moisturizer would vary.

    First of all I would reccomend not getting something that costs more than $10 because this is the stage you're not looking into refining. Look into a collodial oatmeal type moisturizer rather than lanolin based. Those types seem to stay on longer.

    If you have a job which does dry out your skin, outdoor work, etc. Perhaps thinking of doing two coatings of a basic moisturizer, then covering up with baby oil. You should watch out for this heavy combination because it will cause breakouts and other problems in sensitive areas like the face & neck.

    Baby oil is composed of mineral oil basically which is not skin soluble; it stays there for the duration until wiped off. It does not moisturize itself, but the skins natural oils will be trapped underneath.

    Yes, you will feel greasy, but you will feel soft when it counts.

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    Go to your pharmacy and get some moisturizer.

    I reccomend aloe vera mosturisers. You can find lots of products which can help you at the body shop. Also a trip to the blue lagoon in iceland is perfect for your skin, the blue lagoon products are awsome!

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    Try Eucerin. Dermatologists recommend it for dry skin.

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    Olay, or St. Ives lotions and creams work like a charm.

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    Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion at any pharmacy.

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    I like a product called Cetaphil. My dermatologist turned me on to it.

  • Anonymous
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    take a bath and add baby oil.

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    at your local pharmacy

  • 1 decade ago

    at target. jergens lotion

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