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How can I make pictures small enough to email through yahoo mail?

I scanned some pictures into my computer 5x7 and 8x10 and I want to email them using my yahoo account....How can I shrink the file so that I can attatch them?

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    Most software allows you to resize your photographs. For instance, in PaintShop Pro, you simply pull down the "image" menu at the top of your screen and the choose "resize". Be sure you lock the aspect ratio!

    You can also do it in MS Paint (it comes with your Windows PC). Open up Paint, go to open your picture (be sure to choose "jpg" in the "File Type" which is just below "File Name". Open your picture. Then pull down the "image" menu and choose "attributes". You'll see "size" as something you can alter. Nows, say the the photo’s width is 1024 pixels. To resize the photo to 640 pixels wide, divide 640 by 1024. Should equal .0625. To turn it into a percentage, multiply it by 100 and you should get 62.5%.

    Close "attributes" and from that same menu, pull down "Stretch/Skew". Change both "stretch" numbers to 62 (it won't recognize a fraction). Then just click "ok".

    Whew! Now get busy and shrink!!

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    when you change the kind of file from jpeg to bmp or vice versa

    that changes the size photoshop changes formats

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    download this thing called adobe photoshop and then u can ajust sizes go to and go to downloads and look for photoshop c somthin and download it takes a while but should work

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    Go to or give me your e-mail and I'll send you a copy of the software!

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    if you talking about file size then use acdsee to convert file type to gif or png.

    and if you are talking about image size then use photoshop ;)

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    Most picture editor can resize you picture.

    and if you have MICROSOFT OFFICE PICTURE you can do it also.

    and of course - you can use winzip to do that.

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    open them in paint go to stretch skew and lower it however much you want

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