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i need a cute haircut.......?

...........some thing rockish, sholder lenghth, and cute. Jus sum sites, ideas, or anythin

give me some ideas and ill be thankful

thankz LoVE ya Suni

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    You should talk to a sylist and go through their books of hairstyles (most salons have them). It is hard for us to know what would be cute on you, because even the cutest haircut might not suit your face or your hair type--a stylist could help you determine what will work well with your type of hair.

    I have a natural wave in my hair, and some haircuts look truly horrible on me even if they look great on someone else.

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    1 decade ago

    get one like mine let it grow out and chop it into layers

    i think that some times short hair looks good on some people but another way to think about it is what shape of face u have

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    just go to a hair dresser...and make sure he is a designer too...and

    have you some slides

    on video how you would look like

    in different hair styles...

    ps. walk away if he/she does not

    have the video programme

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    1 decade ago

    the layered look is in, you can ask your hairdresser to add a rocker look with it, if you have it really layered and a funky side band you will look hott!!!! and cute.

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