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what outside plants make a dogs eyes dilate and stay dilated?

my dog's eyes have been dilated for about a week regardless of the amount of light that he is in, which is causing him vision problems. Vet said he could have injested a plant that would do that but didn't tell me which plants would have that affect on his eyes. He is mostly an indoor dog.

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    Are you sure it as a plant & not a pill or some reefer found in the house. Opiates would cause the dilated pupils & the home can contain all kinds of painkillers that could end up on the floor by accident.

    Source(s): My malamute once ate 2oz of pot & smiled & ate for days!
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    I even have 3 Australian Shepherds, (a while 4, 8, and 12 years) they're annoying canines while it involves events and workout. My canines are surely "interior canines", I feed them interior and that they spend the night interior, and on wet days they like to living room around the abode and sleep. I stay in Tampa, Fl the place the components is heat adequate to pass out on a daily basis of the twelve months, so my canines get various outdoors play and interest. interior the summertime (approximately 8 months long right here) the canines are interior during the rather warm area of the day and spend time interior the pool workout so as that they don't overheat. Aussies love human beings and that i could not think of preserving my canines in an outdoors kennel at night or perhaps while i'm abode only relaxing, there is not something greater clever then a bushy Aussie curled up at your feet or sprawled out next to you on the settee while your observing a action picture or a ball interest on television.

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    wot about stinging nettles they can have an effect on the eyes

    any open skin

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    pot, opium, queen annes lace

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