Why is it most Christians...?

Why is it most Christians profess a belief in a kind and loving god, but they constantly chide others in an attempt to make them do what THEY think is right with threats of hellfire and brimstone?

Do kind and loving gods burn their children alive endlessly for thousands of years at a stretch or longer?


James, that's an ignorant assumption. I'm not an atheist.

Update 2:

Thank you, William. I'll check out your link.

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    I agree either God is a loving God or a vengeful God...i don't see how He can be both

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    I know. I've always asked my Bible class teacher's that, but they can never give a me a good answer, same with being gay and the fact that good loves everyone except the the people in other religions. I have come up with the conclusion that Christianity has been ruined by those that try to teach and interpret it. In the end all they value ends up being contradicted by something they also believe in.

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    Same question all Atheists ask on here, knowing full well that most of the Christians on here are respectful and not rude.

    You all ask this question, only because it's one of the stereotyped flaw of the religion.

    Fine replace Athiest with a person who is obviously not a Christian, but much like an Athiest, feels the need to question the obvious flaw we all know about. Feel better now? or should I get you a cookie too?

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    Because those Christians aren't very good at delivering the message.

    Our God does not burn His children alive endlessly for thousands of years.....it is their choice to go into that abyss. They have had thousands of years notices of how to avoid that and get fire insurance.

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  • Perhaps it is because 'hellfire and brimstone' is the alternative; and those 'children' have choose to not listen/obey their heavenly Father; thus do not want his 'heaven' by their choice..

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    God doesn't want anyone to suffer and he has provided a simple way of escape through his son. Ultimatley, it's the individual that makes the choice to accept or not...thus determining his or her own fate.

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    You should checkout the free booklet "Heaven & Hell: What Does The Bible Really Teach?" at http://www.gnmagazine.org/booklets/HL/ The catholic and protestant churches idea of hell is false and unbiblical.

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    its funny how people will only focus on the wackos and not see a true christian

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