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how can i put photos,graphics, images on the body of mail? not as attachment, not as thumbnail but a full?

i try using photomail but it only shows a thumbnail or a photo but not enough to seen. please help me on this

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    You can put a photo in (Incredimail) and you will see the whole photo in the body of the mail, you can send it off like that also (in the mail) without being an attachment .

    Source(s): when I want to send photos off in the mail, I use that some time..if you send mail off in yahoo, you can inbeaded it in the body of your mail, sure it shows as a thumbnail, but when the other party that is receiving the mail can click on the photo and it will show in a larger view.
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    try and then get the show image to friends link copy it then paste it on the email that is what i use or use its good

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    I have Incredimail.... go to it works well with photos

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