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Why is it that Racist Americans dont get that the United States of America?

does not have an "official" language but English is the COMMON language in this country? I bet all of those people in favor of English only obviously never went to school.

Fact: People that speak two or more languages are smarter than those that arent.


We also live longer.

Update 2:

Knowing more than one language also helps to prevent Alzheimer's disease. The brain has neurological pathways that are connected. The more a person thinks and speaks in more than one language, the more conections there are between these pathways. As a person progresses toward Alzheimer's disease, these connections break down. Therefore, knowing multiple languages helps to keep the connections.

Update 3:

Hey Tao, hit me up with those "four" languages that you supposedly speak. I really doubt you do since you sound you were raised here in the U.S. And we al know what kind of educational system the U.S, has.

Update 4:

Atiredwing, I know, you speak for most Americans here.

Update 5:

Hey David, I only have one thing to say to you. Bush a long with his greatest opponents from the left agree on the border issue. America needs them and wants them here. Sorry to burst your racist bubble. Ill teach you some Spanish since you asked me to. Se dice "Un buen trabajador sin documentos".

Update 6:

Annanke 402. How can you say that you are going to learn 3 other languages by next year in top of 4 that you already know? Do these languages have an expiration date or something? I dont see anywhere mention that you need to speak 7 languages to survive in this world, whatever you proffession might be. And one more thing, you got it ALL WRONG about what Aztlan is. You are a good typer though. However, your lies are even stronger than your typing skills.

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    you're right...

    bilinguals not only know one language, but they know two..

    The more you know, the better....

    Whoever doesn't like other people speaking other languages, maybe they should shove something up their ears...

    *hexador, many Mexican Doctors and lawyers do speak a little English so that it can be easier for them to communicate with Americans or English patients..

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  • Anonymous
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    Fact you are not smarter and are only jealous . The language spoken in the United States has been English since the 1500 before it even became the USA. Do you think you can go to China and get by without learning the language? No and most if not all LEGAL immigrants learn the language because they want to become productive US citizens as opposed to the current wave of ILLEGAL immgrants who don't want to become citizens but want to flood the southwest with so many people they can eventually turnit into a part of their beloved Mexico which is so wonderful that they would risk their lives to leave. Where is the logic in that if Mexico is such a great place that they are so loyal to why leave it why not get the 11 to 12 MILLION people that are here illegally to go back and revolt and fix their own country? THat would be too hard it is easier to come here and steal from us and send home money to build a better house and buy things cheaper in Mexico then retire there after stealing for a couple of decades. Also the Mexican government wants the several billions of US dollars that are sent there ever year by illegals so it won't do anything to hurt that. Illegal Immigration is encouraged by the governments south of our borders and our government turns a blind eye and you call Americans evil well if we are so evil why come here. And youy know what if you keep coming you will see just how evil we can get. This invasion will be stopped even if regular citizens have top take matters into their own hands. So maybe the Mexican goverbnment should start issuing bullet proof vests to the people crossing the border. COMO SE DICE ILLEGAL EN ESPANOL?

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  • 1 decade ago

    The US has no official language federally, true. Some States do have English specifically defined as their official language. All immigrants must be able to passably speak English to become naturalized. English is still the primary language of over 80% of America. If put to a vote right now, English would be made the official language of the States according to a number of online polls.

    I speak 4 languages, I'll add 3 more by the end of next year if I'm lucky. I'm from a public education. I am not racist, but I'm against illegal immigration. I'm smart enough to know that the NET COST of illegals is $10 BILLION tax dollars a year. I'm also smart enough to know that if we don't stop the hemmhorage of Mexicans into our borders, Mexico will collapse.

    I ask Mexicans this: If you love Mexico so much, how can you abandon her to her fate? Why are you not ingratiating yourself to your northern neighbors (including Canada)? Why must we be your enemy? Why can't we help you make Mexico the beautiful country it was supposed to be? How can you claim the hatred you recieve here, the low wages, the terrible and terrifying trip over the border, and the increased possiblity of becoming a perpetrator or victim of a crime are better than what you would get in your home country? This is a better life? Running? Hiding? Having to defend a weak position with nothing more than your conviction that everyone is against you because of your race??? I wouldn't wish such a thing on my worst enemy.......

    And for the uneducated, Aztlan is NORTHERN MEXICO BEFORE THE BORDER TO THE US. The border states didn't know about Aztlan until the Pueblos were fleeing the Spanish invaders. Then the Pueblos taught it to the Navajo. Thus the myth of a northern Aztlan was born.

    Reply to Alberto:

    1. I am learning 20 languages for personal and professional reasons. Communication is key to a better world. God gave us separate languages for confusion. I am working to get rid of that confusion. Plus, I'm a translator for hospitals...... it helps to know as many languages as possible to get as much work as possible. Is there something wrong with knowing more than 2 languages?

    2. I'm right about Aztlan. I have Native American family, first. Second, I can read and have researched Aztlan. If one is to believe the story about Aztlan, all proof is found South of the US border. I don't tell lies. If you'd like to send me some info that would change my mind though, I'm always open to another's view.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, the US does have an official language and it is English. Why would you think that people in favor of English only never went to school? Typically our early education in American schools does not include instruction in a foreign language. However in high school some foreign language instruction is required. Key term "foreign language" which is any language other than English in this country. Fluency in two languages is absolutely an asset. Your question however suggests that the problem is with racist Americans. That doesn't make much sense to me when you are talking about language. If a hispanic person refuses to learn English are they being racist?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You Can Save This CRAPP For Your Next LA RAZA Meeting

    Lemme Splain Somethin EssAy

    This Is The USA

    300 Million Taxpaying American Citizens Live Here


    NOT Repubs Or Dems

    Not Whites, Blacks Or Hispanics

    Not Legals Or Illegals


    WE THE PEOPLE Own This Nation

    NOT The Government

    OR The Country Of Mexico


    What The "Official Language" Is

    Speak English Or STF Up

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your are wrong. there is an official language, in fact it's a global language.

    Everybody speaks English, even YOU!

    In order for this great nation to succeed in they way it has done in the past, a common language must prevail.

    If you come here and refuse to conform like the immigrants before you, you will only succeed in making the U.S. a poverty stricken nation like the one that you FLED from.

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  • 1 decade ago

    When this country was founded by the ENGLISH, they spoke ENGLISH. Yes Christopher Columbus, who is from Spain was the first here but sadly he was lost, he was looking for India. English is the language that is spoken in America, get used to it or get the hell out. Yes you can learn to speak another language and Spanish or Russian may be our best option, considering the immagrant flood of both of those nationalities, however when you come to this country be prepared to speak or learn how to speak ENGLISH, It is just the way things go around here. All of our scacred historical documents are ALL written in ENGLISH, so speak ENGLISH or leave, and if you are here you had better be here legally!

    Source(s): History of the Greatest Country on God's Green Earth
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I speak 4 languages fluently. Does that make me smarter than you, Alberto?

    English is the language that this country was founded on. It is used to conduct daily business. It is used in social situations.

    Mexico predominantly speaks Spanish. In Thailand, they speak Thai. In France, they speak French. In the United States, they speak English.

    What is the question? Why are you threatened by English? Why are you afraid?

    When I came to this country, I did not expect Americans to learn Thai so they could communcate with me. I studied to learn English so I could conduct daily business, ask directions, and become part of a diverse culture and operate effectively in social situations.

    Does everyone in Mexico speak 2 languages? If I move to Mexico,should I expect them to learn English just for me and then insult them because they don't?

    I am proud to be an American now. I have worked hard for it.

    Please do not insult the people who worked hard and established this great nation I am honored to live in. I am from Thailand, but I am proud to be an American.

    In America you are free. If you hate it so much, you are free to leave. They won't stop you.

    Although this is not the forum, I will answer your question directed to me personally. I speak, read, and write Thai, English, Mandarin Chinese, and Khmer the language of Cambodia.

    My English is good because I learned it 20 years ago, and I teach English now. Do you expect me to mis-spell words or type in an Asian accent?

    Maybe you wantee me talkee like little Chinee girl???

    Un buen trabajador sin documentos sigue siendo un criminal ilegal. Pinche tonto.

    Stop whining like a little girl just because things don't go your way. Crying "racist" is a way of trying to blame others for your own failures in life. Try to acomplish something and take responsibility for your own actions.

    By the way...

    When you mention neuro pathways, it sounds like you have neurotransmitters and pathways connecting your brain to your asshole.

    ¡Viva la America!



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  • 1 decade ago

    I know exactly what you mean. I speak two languages and I only spoke one until I was about 18. The other I learned as a second language and that was Spanish. I know that I have gained some knowledge by learning the second language, but they don't understand that, and they never will until they learn a second language.

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  • 1 decade ago

    great, but English is still the language of the good old U.S.A and there was a time when all the people spoke it.I went to school only it must not have been the same one you went to.

    If you do not like are country go some were else.

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