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How do I get started in live music?

I am an amateur singer/guitarist with a very good mobile system. I want to get started singing at events, pubs, and that sort of thing. I don't know where to start. Does anyone have experience on successfully marketing this? Also, I am not sure what I should be looking for in compensation for this. One man act ... help please. :) (I live in a city of approximately 350,000 people)

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    Try performing at open mike nites at pubs, leave a cd, song list, video, or other marketning tools with pubs. Start a Web page. Send flyers to pubs. Start your rates low and raise as your become more popular. Start by charging by the hour. One man gigs sometimes are 1 hour, sometimes longer. Don't sell yourself short, there is a great need for one man shows. Come up with an hourly rate, rather than a entire nite. Good Luck!!

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    make a disc or tape of yourself and send to prospective venues, also do some charity shows to gain experience

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    Go to a local cafe or club and ask if they need entertainment.

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