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Why is there no ADULT SUPERVISION for the kids, who are?

at the school, that are "led" by BARNEY? Barney is the result of the kids' imagination, RIGHT!?!?!?! If Barney doesn't show up, what's to prevent the kids from being snatched by a predator?

So how are these kids "learning" new stuff that hasn't been taught to them??? Oh, yeah there are some adults who do show up while a learning experience is happening; but they are not there ALL THE TIME.

Well, now they are in the park; should there be even more security for these kids?


And by the way, where is Mommy Barney?

How did Baby Bop and B.J. come into existence, since they are imaginary like Barney where are the stuffed animals of them?

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    Have you failed to notice that there are like 13 year olds on the show singing right along with the five-year-olds? The adults didn't wanna be stuck watching these delusional kids ("Mommy, there's a purple dinosaur." "Suuuure there is honey. Mommy has to go get some vodk-grape juice.") They leave the older kids in charge, not realizing they are at the same level as the five-year-olds. :)

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