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my friend keeps asking me and i don't know the answer!!!?

this girl i know is deep into meth, and i just kindof quit, or am trying very desperately. she cracked her glass pipe earlier today and she wanted to fix it with tinfoil, because we live in the country sorta and she doesn't have enough gas money to run to the store until payday, which is tuesday. and i'm worried...would the combination of inhaling tin/alluminum foil and meth kill you on contact, or quickly? or is it just from long term use that complicates and manifests into diseases like alzheimers and cancer, which i read up on the internet? i want to know right away!!! i'm really worried for her!!! i can't find a straight answer anywhere else... and if you answer could you try and leave your resource so i can check for myself? i really want to make sure that she's going to be allright or not...


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    Favorite Answer is great sight on information about meth. I don't think there is effects from aluminum foil as you're worried about. Aluminum foil has been used for years to smoke meth. If heating aluminum foil was bad for our bodies when heated the fda would not allow aluminum foil to be manufactured for the sale of baking, cooking and grilling as it would have the same or worse effect using it directly on foods we eat every day.

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    Methanphetamine (meth) can kill you the first time you use it (obviously not the case for you or your friend) but it can also kill you any time after the first that you use it. So basically, if you are taking meth, you could die any moment whether or not you add the aluminun junk to that fix. Since it doesn't look like you have help quitting, you will probably end up going back. Meth is highly addictive. So my only advice for you is this: life is uncertain - eat dessert first.

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    No it wont kill you right away. It takes alot to kill you. But if she dont have money to go get another pipe, how dose she have money for meth? You and your friend need to get help. The meth will kill you befor the foil will.

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    All you need to know is that it can kill you. Just stop or get help.

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    What does it really matter? She's throwing her life away anyhow.

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