How do I put a pic in my email signature? Or can I?

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    1 decade ago
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    Click the above link, save ur photo there by creating ur account. It is free. Then use the html code of the photo in ur signature. It will solve ur problem.

    The procedure of doing this is as follows.

    After creating ur account with photo bucket, click on browse and add ur photo which u want to use in ur signature. Now right click on the html tag given there below ur photo and select copy. After this come back on ur email page and go to ur signature, here u click html box and now paste the html tag in ur signature which u copied from photo bucket. Click on save. It will add ur pic to ur signature. Please note that google does not display the images in ur signature so when u send an email to any google email receipient, they will not be able to see ur image, but others like hotmail will be able to see. Now I feel ur problem is solved.

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    1 decade ago

    Here’s how:

    > Click Options in the upper-right corner of your Mail page.

    > From the list on the left, click Compose.

    > After “Signature”, select “Show a signature on all outgoing messages”.

    > Now, go for it: type your signature in the text area.

    > On the right, above this box, you can choose either Rich Text or Plain Text. Use Rich Text to choose fonts, styles and colors – you’ll see the toolbar above the text area. If you select Plain Text, the toolbar disappears. Choose whichever format you use for composing emails. If you compose email in Plain Text and you’ve created a Rich-Text signature, the signature will be displayed in plain text.

    > Anytime you’d rather not use the signature, you can either

    simply erase it from the end of your email, or

    return to Options, click Compose on the left and check “Do not use a signature” to turn it off.

    > Click Save Changes above the options area when you're done.


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    1 decade ago

    You can go here and ask yahoo mail if it's possible.

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