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does a gold dolce & gabbana razr cost more than a regular pink razr?

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    Phone only. Yes. See here for the difference -

    Why any would want it, let alone pay more for it is beyond me. But there you are. Each to their own

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    4 years ago

    PLEASE do no longer purchase a razr. I had a pink one, while they only got here out and it crapped out no longer even a pair months later. i ended up getting 4 new telephones from cingular over the direction of a 300 and sixty 5 days. It became into terrible. I actually have a blackberry curve now and that i like it. and secondly, the respond is not any. you may't shop that stuff on your sim card. you need to textual content textile messege your photos to an e mail handle. Or, in case you have facebook upload them there as a cellular upload. The ringtones would be long gone, yet once you call your service service they'd credit you. They credited me, and that i in basic terms offered new ones. good success.

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    I dont believe it does. Obviously we arnt talking real diamonds or gold plating. The only reason it would cost more would be because its newer or because its got changes from the original and pink version

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