do you love a person?why?

and if you like tell me alittle about yourself where you live what do you like the most in the world?what is the worst thing in the world?do you believe in love?do you love somebody?ok so why do you love that person?do you think that that person is really good ?what are your wishes?/best wishes guys!/


hi fubeejubee! i like israili people because they are just normal people like all of us! and i believe in this that if a part of a country is terrorist we can not say that all the people in that country are terrorists and i believe that israel government is a bad terrorist and i do not like ahmadinejad too ! but i think you are checking my questions and answers and i mean you are following me and it is interesting but let me inform you that i do not like to fight or to argue to any one and i tell you believe in peace because all of us need it !

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    1 decade ago
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    Why do you say you love Israel when your supreme ruler Adolph Ahmadinejad has said that he wants them all dead? Do you not listen to what this insane ruler says? He is a terrorist and the instigator of all that is evil in Iran.

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