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how can they make 25 full length movies fit on 2 dvds when the lotr ext.ed. couldn't even fit on 1?

I've saw many commercials for these suspense/horror etc.. compilations where its 50 movies on 4 dvds. how can this be. I've always assumed that they could fit a lot more stuff on a dvd than what they do.

speaking of lotr I've saw the new package has the ext.version on one side now, seems like this could've been done originally without having to change discs.

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    It has to do with methods of compression, file types etc. Since I have some of those 50 movie sets, I know they do it. They also use two sided discs They can have 2,3 or 4 movies to a side depending on the movies.

    With more compression I suspect they could get more onto a disc, but also I think the quality of the picture would be lacking.

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    It's marketing. You feel like you've bought more and so it is more valued.

    Sometimes it is so you can just interface with the exact product you want to watch.

    This begs the next question -- why don't we see music compilations on DVD? If a CD can hold about 18 songs or 100 mp3's. I'd think my entire CD collection could fit on one DVD.

    I think they are restraining the technology to make more money.

    It's a freakin' conspiracy!

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    they use data compression. meaning the quality of the movie is reduced to make them fit into a smaller amount of space.

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    It's just another way to make more money with LOTR.

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