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am i rite to be mad at her or am i being stupid?

ok well one of my best friends....lets call her EMILY well i was hinting (i thought quite obviosly) to her about how i really liked some one lets call him MARK ok so i went on holidays for two weeks and wen i came back i was ABSOLUTLY OUTRAGED to find that.....EMILY IS GOING OUT WIT MARK?!?!?!?

i dont get it i thought i made it clear that i liked him??? at first i thought it was a joke but then i realised they REALLY ARE GOING OUT?!?!?

its been about 2 months now and they are constantly all over eachother and i MIGHT be being paranoid but i think emily is really rubbing it in??

a few days ago she said to me 'isnt mark so hot?' and i askd her if she was saying this to annoy me and she said she thought i was being silly??

am i being silly? be honest do you think i missed my chance or emily is being a backstabber??

i cant stand being around her anymore coz i feel she betrayed me my other friend says im over-reacting? i feel like emily is getting back at me for sumthing??


by the way yes i did actually say to 'emily' and she definetly knows i like him bcoz she askd me and i said 'ye i told u that before u went out wit him' in response to that she didnt even apologise or anything she just went on about how she loves him so much???

i dont get it seriosly do people act this way normally?? i thought i new her but shes turned seriosly!!!

oh and another thing im on my way to getting over this i think its best for me to let it all out lol but id just like to say that i ACTUALLY thought me and 'mark' had a really good chance before emily just....messed everyting up!! sometimes we still flirt but i wudnt want to cheat wit him as even emily doesnt deserve that.........or does she???


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    What it seems to me (by what I can tell by reading)....did you ever verbally tell her that you liked MARK a lot??? To you it may have appeared obvious but unless you tell her straight up she's not going to know to read the signs u're throw'n out. Ask her if she ever realized that you really liked this guy. Unless there's something hidden that you might have done for her to be mad...but it doesn't seem that she even knew u liked him. You're probably over reacting. If they seem to be all over each tell them straight to get a room...if they ask wuts wrong with u...tell them its rude be all up on each other like in public....not everyone wants to see that.

    But in the end...I don't know ur friend. AnD i don't know if she would really be the kinda person to stab u in the back. Hope things work out.

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    No you're not being stupid. I've had an instance like yours when I was like 14 or something. It's ok to be a little pissed off, you're friend obviously didn't consider you, and went with her feelings. But then again, it's not like you were dating "mark" so your friend just saw him as available and made her move before you did. It's been two months, you should get over it and move on. you can try finding other friends and/or another crush also try taking the role of the bigger person and don't waste your time or your emotions on something lame.

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    Hey obviously the guy didn't want you if he is with her. Stay friends with her because that guy won't always be around and you need to be there for her, she will then realize the mistake she made.That doesn't mean you don't have a right to be angry at her for not considering your feelings. Friends mess up too and if you're a true friend you'll chalk this one up.

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    maybe u weren't very obvious to her and u are over doing it just a lillte talk to her if she doesn't change her mind about dating mark then she's not a true friend.

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    move on

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