I consider this question insulting...when just a friend asks you..."did you?

get any life insurance..?" that is way off limits...and it is rude...some one in your family past on..and you are TRYING to move on...YET some jerk in the store asks you that question???what manners if any does he have..?..as you are walking away in SHOCK!!!and quess what he does not think nothing of it!!!!!OH by the way, you just said..."i do not know">>>>>whew!!

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    it's unbelileveable the number of rude people that are walkin around. I mean come on what business is it of anyones if someone has life insurance. Here's a message to all those who speak before they think- just shut the f**k up! Mind your business! No one asked you!

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    Good manners seem to be a thing of the past. People will ask strangers rude and personal question and then have no idea why you're insulted. As a matter of fact, there are many rude questions on this forum.

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    I agree with NOTYOU ... times have changed, and manners have changed also with the times because of policies put into place in goverments, etc etc that restrict the raising of children. Manners is not a born thing it is a taught thing, and it is not being taught very effectively these days. Not to mention ... some people are just inconsiderate no matter how they were raised ... now thats what I've never been able to understand ....

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    o im sry bout ur family...

    so did u get any life insurance? and how much

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  • 1 decade ago

    i agree

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