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Dwayne wade is the best basketball player today. yes or no?

Is wade the best based on stats and his championship this year

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    i can't say hes the best player but i can say he's one of the bests in today's game he has a type of game that can carry a team on his back there's too many great players in today's game to call him the best but in my best players list he would be in the top 10 and top 20

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    hell no the thing with wade game is it has too muck weakness,he is still a streak shooter,don't have an out side game whats to ever could be a better defender.however he is so young and compare hi #s so far he right on track of being on of the best ever but compared to Kobe who played all of last season with limited flex ability in hi leg you see why he is not the best no nor never because of lebron and mello

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    I will say the second best this year because I say that Kobe Bryant is the best this year because with two career high pionts scored in a single game the 62pts over the mavs. and 81 pts over the raptors

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    He is one of the best, tied with Lebron James and Kobe Bryant.

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    No, Lebron is better. Wade just has a better team.

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    heck yes he won the championship him self he didnt need shaq he is a fat man

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    i wouldn't say he is the best all around, but he is probably the best player when the game is on the line.

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    Yes he is

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    He's pretty good, but i have to go with King James

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