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Why is my left nipple swollen with a lump underneath it?

I know i should go to the doctor but i dont have health insurance right now so i was hoping someone would be able to help me out here. Its swelled up to twice its normal size and has a lump underneath it and hurts like crazy. anyone know what this could be?


i forgot to mention that the lump has been there for a while now and the pain an swelling started a lil while bak and gradually increased to what it is right now.

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    You're hearing this over and over and it's frightening, but accurate. Men can get breast cancer:

    If you have low income, you should be able to be seen by your local health department or clinic. Ask at your local hospital if they have a program in your area (where I live it's called HealthLink) where you can be seen by a local physician for a reduced rate if you are of low income or just have no insurance.

    This could be something as simple as a cyst... but it's not something you want to "wait and see" about. If it's come on suddenly, chances are better that it's just a cyst. If it's a swelling and discomfort that's been a bit more gradual, then it's even more important that you are seen as quickly as possible.

    Please do not delay because of embarrassment or concern about cost of an appointment. You may qualify for reduced insurance plans offered through the federal or state government in some situations. If not, you should be able to work out a payment plan with a physician if you are unable to locate another alternative. Your health is the most important thing here.

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    go to an er or call around and find a low cost doctor, there are a few medical groups in my area that people use cause it costs 35 dollars a visit, some doctors have flat rates and sliding scale fees, and there are free clinics ,open your yellow pages and start looking

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    well i am a medical assistant and i can tell you my opinion sweetie and that is to try to find a way into the doctor or go to the emergency room because it could be something really serious. because it is not normal to have a swollen knot around your nipple.

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    This is not commonly spoken of- but men can get breast cancer too. I'm not in a position to offer a positive diagnosis and am not a doctor in any case, but you want to get that looked at.

    Good luck!

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    Bad. Go to the doctor now! Stop worrying about money and think about your health and life.

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    You could go to a county hospital. You need medical attention and money should not stop you from seeking it.

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    it could be so many things besides cancer, a cyst, blocked gland, a benign tumor. Honey, you have to go see the doctor, if you have to go to a free medical clinic that helps people, quit waiting this could be serious.

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    go to a doctor..i used to have that for a while..i thought it might be a cancer or something?

    it went down and doesnt hurt now..good luck

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    i'm a boy, and i had a problem where my nipples were tender to touch them, i thought i was getting fat cause they were big, but its no..but go to the doctor!

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    Go to the Dr.

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