Who here has gone to Smith College? And can tell me about it?

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    1 decade ago
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    Since you probably won't get many answers here, I'll try to help you in your quest.

    (I went to Vassar, but had friends at Smith, and I've visited there many times.)

    Smith has an utterly gorgeous campus. The professors are superb scholars who are also extremely dedicated to their students. The students are mostly quite laid-back, but very focused on their studies. Many students create their own program of studies, and almost all students have passionate interests in one area or another. Campus life is vibrant, with lots of things to do (theatre, lectures, musical performances, various student-run events). Everyone knows everyone else. Northampton is a lovely and quaint town, with lots of student-focused shops and restaurants.

    Of course, admission is highly selective.

    Here's some advice: go to http://www.collegeconfidential.com/ and check out their discussion board for Smith. Lots of current students, parents of Smithies, and prospective students post there. It's very active, and you can surely get some better answers to your questions there.

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    Smith College is located in a very quaint, artistic town named Northhampton in Central Massachusetts. Smith is about 90 minutes from Boston, 60 minutes from New Haven and about 2 hours from NYC. Smith is a very liberal institution but good in terms of academics.

    I did not attend Smith, but I enjoyed its campus and the town during my brief stay there on business. I cannot match Professor X's female perspective....

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