Mikasa Crystal?

I got from my future aunt-in-law (heheheh) an old Mikasa Torte Plate. I was wondering a coupe of things.

1. What function does a Torte Plate have? Is it just decorative or do you serve on it?

2. I did a search and came up with 2 websites in German. The information I have is it is a Mikasa Carmen Satiert Torte Plate. It was made in Germanyand has Art.-Nr. 1828/0 on the box. Does anyone have any information about this plate? I don't have a date when it was made but it was probably in the 70's sometime.

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    A torte plate is used to display a cake (or torte if your prefer). I suppose you could use it to serve cake if you would like...Really what you do is bake a cake, ice it, and then put it on the torte plate to display it to your house guests. Some torte plates come with a decorative cover for if you have the cake for a long time before you eat it. It is perfect for birthdays when you have a circular layer cake. You put the cake on the torte plate, light the candles and sing happy birthday, and serve in on a seperate plate. But I suppose if it is crystal and really fancy, you should use it for display only!

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    A torte is a type of cake-- usually many layers with different fillings between. There is also a fruit torte that would be served on that plate. Sometimes Albertsons have the torte bases in the spring when strawberries are just in. Ohhhh yummy!!

    I think the plate is to be used-- Germans love to display their food and snacks-- every family has several complete sets of china and crystal-- it's amazing. So, they use them all the time.

    enjoy the torte plate--

    Source(s): Lived in Germany for 3.5 years-- just returned from a visit.
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    Torte plates are for decoration only

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