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can i ad positive info from rent to own accounts to my credit roports?

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    no. The credit reporting companies will only accept payment information from those credit card companies who belong to some kind of organization wherein they send them monthly information (usually on a tape of sorts) which is automatically applied to your credit report.

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    only if they report it to the credit burues ... most don't report it, but they will not hesitate to report your missed payments or your default on the contract. Best to stay away from rent to owns if you have the choice ... mostly because if you save for 3 or 4 months you can buy what ever you are trying to buy at a lesser price and not pay that outrages interest. Plus, you will be knowing that you are getting a brand new product not a used one.

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    no---your rental of an apartment only used a credit report to see if you would be a high risk for them....that's it

    renting doesn't improve your credit history...but they can affect your credit if you don't pay your rent since they can report you.

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    No, for two reasons.

    First, you can not alter the report yourself.

    Second, "rent to own" rarely has any influence with the reporting agencies and do not show up in your reports.

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