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Do Argentinians speak Castillano Spanish unlike most of Latin America?

That's what I've heard, is it true? Why do you think that Argentina, in general, is so much more like Europe than other countries of Latin America?


OK, I know that Spanish is basically Spanish wherever you go. Yes, I am talking about their accent. Is the Argentinian accent more like what they speak in Madrid, Spain whereas none of the other Latin American countries have the "lisp" with the "s" sound. So, Argentina, then would be unique in that way.

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    YES, they speak spanish. The oly major difference is they still use the "Vos" for You (which is only used there and in spain) and they pronounce the Y and LL in a funny way, like "sh"

    The conjugation of verbs for tú and for vos changes:

    Verbs in -ar and -er in the second person singular in the case of using vos get stressed (get an accent) in the last syllable:

    tú hablas >> vos hablás, tú comes >> vos comés …

    Verbs in -ir change from -es using tú to -ís using vos (note the accent):

    "Sha me voy" instead of "Ya me voy"

    Ahh!! and they change the strong accent to some words like:

    Cométe eso, instead of Cómete eso

    Take a look to these pages:

    Good luck

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    The person above is right. They do refer to Buenos Aires as the Paris of Latin America! It is a very beautiful country. The accent of Argentina is so different and like closest to the European Spanish accent because there are significant communities of Italians in Argentina. Therefore, the Spanish has become more like a European accent.

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    I have Argentinian friends and they speak spanish like all people in Latin America do... The Castillano spanish in Spain is much different...

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    Are you talking about their accent?

    If so, every Latin America country has its own accent.

    Even in those countries, different provinces have different accents.

    The language is the same, there are some different expressions, but Spanish is always Spanish.

    Source(s): RMC
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    argentinians have their own accent, nobody would ever think they are from spain, and it is quite easy to spot them out among other latin americans. so the answer to your question is no, its just another latin american spanish, and its not closer nor more far away from the spanish spoken in spain.

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    NO they speak spanish like latin americans

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    They speak Spanish, and their accent is like Italian.

    Source(s): My parents are from Argentina.
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    HI rykidding!

    I do not know where the people below get their information, but they are wrong.

    Yes, Argentines speak Castillano!!! They refer to Buenos Aires as the Paris of South America. It is so much like France. It is a beautiful country with Beautiful people. Fortunately I married one of them!!!!!

    Any other questions e-mail me

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    hmmm good question...i would look up the history of Argentina and see if the Spaniards heavily influence them or not...:)

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    You are such a unique person for wanting to know this!


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