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is south beach diet the best diet ever?

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    I'm not sure, but they have some really good entries in the store! If the diet I'm on right now doesn't work for me....I'm definitely gonna try the SBD. The food is great! Plus it's low cal...and high in fiber! You can't beat that. I know it's more flavorful than this bland Cabbage Soup Diet I'm on right now. Whatever diet works for me will be the best diet ever! =)

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    As many other diets, South Beach Diet is safe, secure and works for some people but a diet should ALWAYS be discused with a health professional.

    My ex boyfriend started the South Beach Diet because it worked with his mom. It was good on her, because she was a very healthy person who recently had her routine labs done. So the diet did no wrong to her.

    On the other hand, my ex who was suffering from a kidney disease without knowing started to loose weigth but ended loosing one kidney. The diet did not cause the dease but made it worse more faster than it should- his doctor said. Because of the diet he has a healthy weight but now he's on dyalisis and waiting for a donor because his "good" kidney is not at the top condition either.

    My from- the- bottom- of- my- heart -advice: discused it with your doctor and get your routines labs done and try to repeat them at least every 3 months while you are on any diet.

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    No, any diet that tells you not to eat certain foods for a period of time and then to add them back in is not doing your body any favours.

    The best way to lose weight is still the old tried and true one and that is have smaller portions, more frequent mini meals and exercise.

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