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What kind of marinade or spices do steakhouses use?

Every time I get chicken or beef at a restuarant its wonderful! When I try to re-create it at home, it never comes close. What do they use?

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    Where I work they use dry vermouth for steaks after grilling. Steakhouses get better beef than what is offered in most supermarkets to begin with though. Another wonderful marinade for both beef (hamburger too) and especially chicken is Good Seasons Italian Dressing made exactly as the package calls for. I've worked at 2 steakhouses that use it and I use it at home.

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    I always use a grill seasoning blend from the supermarket, like a Montreal steak blend. Rub the steak with that, worchestershire sauce and a drop of oil. Let it sit at room temp. for about 10 minutes and it is perfect!

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    I don't know the recipe, but a cook told me they use soy sauce as a marinade on the steaks in their restaurant. Try that with a few of your favorite seasonings until it suits your taste.

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    i think they might use peppers, chillies, cloves.

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