22 weeks preg..baby moving up high...?? just curious..?

i am 22 almost 23 weeks pregnant. i can feel my baby moving a whole lot. but i was just curious.. he seems to be very high up in my stomach. every time i go to the doc and they check for the heartr beat, they ALWAYS check way waylow in the pubic area, but never find it there. its always up near my bellybutton. and now i feel him even higher in my belly, like around my rib area. i just think its interesting. does it mean that i am just carrying him high? or justthat he moves around a whole lot and like to sit up there?? :)


i am having a boy. this is my second preg. the first was a boy too. and i think i carried him pretty high. i just was wondeing whythe docs all look so low im my belly too..

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    He probally just likes to move around nothing serious.

  • S. O.
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    1 decade ago

    It sounds like you are carrying high. I am too (I did with my first pregnancy as well.) Everyone in Kentucky told me my first baby was a boy because I carried so high but she's definately not a boy, and neither is the one I'm carrying now.

    I am 32 weeks along and am hoping the baby will turn soon and alleviate some of the kicking to my bladder and heartburn!! Hope you don't have too much trouble with that.

  • 4 years ago

    they're measuring the size of your uterus. it would approximately equivalent in centimeters the style of weeks you're pregnant. i'm 31 weeks pregnant, yet measuring 33 centimeters, that's what I "might desire to" be measuring at 33 weeks. It has no longer something to do with your concept dates, or your due date, your uterus is in basic terms 1cm extra effective than "basic" at this factor. It would not recommend the toddler is in basic terms too enormous, because of the fact my toddler is interior the 40 8th percentile, which ability purely a sprint smaller than basic for being 31 weeks pregnant. you have have been given some extra effective amniotic fluid, or your uterus is in basic terms transforming into a sprint extra effective than it desires to at this factor, even nonetheless that's not something undesirable.

  • Ricky
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    My baby did that too. She ended up doing a big turnaround about 36 weeks and was transverse breach. Doesn't mean yours will do that, just that he/she likes to swim around.

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    check out babycenter.com They give alot of good information. But yes the baby gets bigger every week.

    Source(s): mother of two 20 weeks pregnant babycenter.com
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    do you know if your baby is a boy or a girl? Usually when you carry low your having a girl and if you are carrying low your having a boy.

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    he could be a long baby and is stretching out alot. babies tend to be high at this point he will start dropping in about ten weeks

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