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Is this the first step to impeaching Bush?

They’re the only ones standing in the way of Bush’s lawlessness.

Thursday’s decision by Judge Anna Diggs Taylor represents a huge and welcome slapdown to Bush. And no amount of slamming the judge by the pundits on the right over the weekend can detract from its power. Ruling the NSA spying to be illegal and unconstitutional, Judge Taylor said Bush was acting like a king.

The Administration, the judge ruled, “undisputedly” violates the Fourth Amendment, “undisputedly” violates the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, violates the First Amendment, and violates the separation of powers.

Not mincing any words, she added: “The Constitution itself has been violated.”

She shredded the Administration’s two main arguments: that the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) against Al Qaeda justifies Bush’s spying, and that his commander in chief powers justify that spying.

As far as the first claim, she noted, “The AUMF says nothing whatsoever of intelligence or


surveillance.” She also pointed out that FISA says “the exclusive means” by which electronic surveillance can occur is with a warrant. The Bush Administration’s contention that the AUMF implies general powers, including warrantless surveillance, to the President collides with the specific prohibition against such spying, she ruled. And she cited Supreme Court precedent that “the specific governs the general.”

As to the Administration’s second argument, on the President’s commander in chief powers, Judge Taylor properly noted that the logic of this claim is that the President has “the inherent power to violate not only the laws of Congress but the First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution.”

She cited the precedent in Ex Parte Milligan that says, “The Constitution of the United States is a law for rulers and people, equally in war and in peace.”

Update 2:

Judge Taylor’s decision not only puts the Administration on notice. It puts Congress and all of us as citizens on notice: Bush is a law-breaker of the highest order.

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    The first step is electing a Congress that will do their job.

    Anyone who has bothered to read the laws knows that Bush has admitted to willful violation of federal laws, in violation of FISA (50 U.S.C. §1801 et seq) and Title III of the Omnibus Crime Control Act (18 U.S.C. § 2511). He never even disputed that. He never even tried to argue that he obeyed those laws.

    His only argument was that the court did not have the legal authority to question his actions, because anything ordered by the executive is unreviewable by the courts. And if people can't see the inherent insanity in that argument, we're all in trouble.

    {EDIT to AndyG} There's no other way to say this but blunt.

    Are you really that much of an idiot that you buy the argument that Bush is not accountable to the courts, even when he admits breaking the law? Does your hatred for those who disagree with you run so deep that you can't even get basic legal concepts into your closed-off twisted little mind?

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    Unfortunately Judge Taylor's ruling is not such a first step, officially. But it is a scholarly voice for the rational CAUSE for impeachment, conviction and imprisonment of Dictator Dumbya, ya know the guy who said under oath that he would "preserve, protect and defend..." which oath he had NO right to take in the FIRST place, and which Constitution he later called a "GD piece of paper". Down with Dictator Dumbya!!!

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    good luck for your information he can still do what they are doing just have to get a warrant from the court. the difference is that even though the court grants every request by the time the red tape is done the phone we wanted to listen to is gone. this data mining phone calls to and from overseas has been going on since the nineties the only difference now the democrats used it for political gain. great job now the enemy knows what we do for inelegance. as far as the ruling a liberal judge handpicked to hear the case um i will respect her ruling not.

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    Well that would be nice if it had any merit. But since you and Taylor are both terrorists how can we expect anything more.

    Bush and Gonzales are working hard to rid America of terrorists. Soon they will have open media stopped and weird books taken off the shelf so the hard working freedom loving people of Merica will be safe.

    If we work together and report terrorism when we see it (like judge taylor) to HLS, Merican children will be Safe

    Go big Red Go

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    She is one of Slick Willie's leftovers, Look into her record. How in the hell do U think they found out about what the terrorist were getting ready to do with the flights from England. Why don't you idiots get a life and tell us how U all plan to protect this country??? Come on tell us!

    How does it feel to protect Muslims that run over American kids and get away with it?

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    The ACLU went "judge shopping" to get this favorable decision. It will not stand. The Supreme Court will overturn the decision and support the program 6 to 3 with reservations.

    There are no impeachable grounds.

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    I'm not sure that Yahoo Answers was is an appropriate forum for political debates. Perhaps you could try

  • Bush is visionary this era he should not be impeached. George w Bush is greate in history if mankind to challenge the evil.he represents the goodness of humanity who fight with evil forces that could be detrimental to human culture and developemnt. All evil powers that suppress human freedom and dignity sshould be destroyed for that is divine plan.

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    You wasted a lot of time and effort.

    Bush has done nothing to be impeached about.

    You may be confused with Clinton who should have spent prison time.

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    this is his third slap on the wrist by the courts,, two by the supreme court,,, Arlin Spector and Cheney have put forth a bill in congress to overrule her ruling,,, by the time this gets to the supreme court,, Bush will be history,,,, he says it will take 40 years for Americans to judge him,,,,

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