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Which DSLR to buy? Canon 400D, Nikon D80 or D200 and why?

Which of these DSLR cameras will you buy and why?

I am comparing the Canon 400D, Nikon D80 and D200 which is better in your opinion and why? I am looking for a mid-pro range with an 18-200 lens to keep for several years.

My first choice was the D80 and then Canon annouced the 400D few days back. which 18-200 lens with vibration reduction would be a good choice with that model? would you get the 400D over the Nikon D200 if you had the choice?

Any help from first hand experience is appreciated.

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  • haslo
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    Hey Mo,

    D80 and 400D are in a different league than the D200, which is much more expensive. If you can get d200, that is what I would go for. I am a Nikon shooter and I love the ergonomics and features on the Nikon. They are far better than on the Canon line-up, except 5D, which is over $3500. The only thing superior on the Canons is their low light image quality...Canon simply makes better sensors as far is low light is concerned. Did you check out yet? That's a much better site to ask a question like that... Good luck and don't forget to hold the camera before you buy it. In the end trust your hand...

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    The Canon 400D and the Nikon D80 at least compete with each other, but the Nikon D200 is in a different class (in price AND features). Some of the things the D200 offers over the two other models are 5 fps vs. 3, a rugged metal construction vs. plastic, weather sealing, a shutter that's rated for 100,000 actuations vs. 50,000, faster AF, and the list goes on. If you want to compare the D200 with a Canon model, look up the 30D (still inferior but also cheaper) or perhaps even the 5D (better image quality, less features, substantially more expensive).

    I bought a Nikon D200 before either the D80 or the 400D were announced, and given the choice now I'd still get the D200. But that's me. If you have the budget but don't need the extra features of the D200, spend the extra cash on more/ better lenses for a 400D / D80.

    Between the Canon 400D and the Nikon D80, I'd get the D80. The Canon offers a built-in dust reduction system and better image quality at ISO values > 800, but the Nikon is a better all-round camera and has a bigger viewfinder (quite important, actually).

    Both brands have a fantastic range of lenses and accessories for about the same prices, so that needn't be a concern.

  • Anonymous
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    Obviously if you've got the money get the D200, but if you're just looking for something mid-pro range that's not too expensive but that will still deliver in quality I would get the D80. The D80 has the features of the D50 (plus more), with the quality of the D200 for the price of the D70.

    The Nikon D80 is available with the new 18-135mm kit lens which is a much nicer lens than the 18-55mm lens that comes with the Canon. The 18-135 would be a good all round lens choice that saves changing lenses a lot. The 18-200 lens would be nice but it's expensive (for a good one) and you can get some distortion with such big range lenses.

    Wait for the D80 to come out, have a play around with both of them at the camera shop and see which one feels better. Obviously it's hard for most people to comment when one of the camera's has only just come out and the other has not been released yet, meaning that any reviews are just going to be biased towords other people's personal choice. This goes for camera shops too - I found most camera shop attendants fairly unhelpful when it comes to making a decision like this, they don't care what you buy as long as they get their commission.

    At the end of the day it all comes down to your own personal choice. You could look at a photo taken with either camera and not be able to tell any difference in quality. Both cameras would be fairly comparitive in quality, although having a good lens helps too.

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    Who can comment on the D80, since it's not out there yet, is it?

    I'm in an odd position of owning a D50, D70s and a D200. I've been a resource for a few local friends in the market for cameras. They can use any or all of them to see what suits their needs. When the low price matters, the D50 is "perfectly adequate" for most people's needs. When quality and features matter, there is no contest. They buy the D200, even if they have to hold off a while on getting your 18-200 dream lens. Buy the body that you really want now, since you are far less likely to upgrade a camera that cost you in the $1,000 neighborhood until it dies.

    In short, I agree 100% with Haslo and Registration001. If you can - get the D200. I love it.

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    I would get the 400d (also called the Rebel XTi). I have researched the previous model (350d/Rebel XT) to death. It's ONLY flaws are as follows (and these are definitley very subjective): (1) It is smaller than other cameras--a little too small in some peoples' hands; (2) The body is made a of a hardened hybrid plastic, which allows it to be really light, but some find it feels cheap. That's it. Everything else, including optics, photo quality, etc., competes and defeats on every level (and sometimes a level above).

    From what I've heard so far, the 400d is ALL that and a whole bunch more--you can't go wrong. In my experience, all photo quality comparisons always go to CANON.

    I'd try searching camera reviews online--there are some great ones.

  • Nedan
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    For me I would get the one that I am most comfortable with, or prefer, I don't like either Canon or Nikon due to issues I have had over the years with some of there cameras.

    I chose this camera, because it uses some of the other lens I already have for my SLR film camera. Also if you already have a film camera from whom ever and you have lenses, flashes, etc...I would look at their Digital Cameras to see what will transfer. I had a Rebel 350D and for me it was not rugged enough for Alaska, thus I got the Minolta.

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    go with the canon, I've heard othing but bad reviews for the D80, I don't know about the D200 but you can't go wrong with a canon,I've had my AE1 for 25 years and never had a problem with it.

  • Anonymous
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    all 3 are good cameras. I suggest you go to a camera store and try out each model and talk to a salesperson about the advantages of each and see which you are most comfortable with. It's such a personal thing!

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