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what is the power consumed by an electric car?

also I want the statistics of the car.

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    A typical electric vehicle charges from your electric outlet, and therefore, from the powerplant at the other end of that wire.


    Powerplants burn a variety of fuels, including coal, natural gas, hydroelectric, wind, solar, and nuclear.


    The power grid is about 95% efficient in getting the electricity to the car. Modern battery systems are about 88% efficient in storing it. Electric propulsion systems are about 95% efficient in using the energy to move the car. Electric motors also don't have to idle at stoplights, and reclaim braking energy for re-use.


    This makes electric cars much more efficient than gas cars, which have gasoline engines that are only 25% efficient. And a lot of that energy is wasted idling and braking. Gasoline also has inefficiencies, since it takes lots of electricity to refine it, and more energy is wasted trucking the final product to your local gas station.


    Most electric cars get 4 to 5 miles per kilowatt-hour. A kilowatt-hour costs as little as 2 cents in some places, and as much as 20 cents in others. So the cost per mile in an EV runs from half-a-cent up to about 5 cents per mile. In most places, it will cost from 1 to 2 cents per mile. Gasoline, for comparison, is closer to 10 cents per mile and climbing.

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    The answer is dependent on loads of factors, mainly what car you are talking about. Look here-

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