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Def Tech 歌詞


Def Tech 的

Power in da musiq~Understanding

  歌詞 !!!

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    Power in da Musiq~Understanding作詞 & 作曲: Def Tech, Nagachoあまり話すのは得意な方じゃない代わりに音に合わせ叫ぶしかない言葉交わさない間に生じる誤解大人になって全て知ったよな はなはだしい勘違い無知からくるその不信感疑う気持ち心(ここ)不安結局お前が持っていたステレオタイプと偏見オレらはより大きな心でその全てを受け止める地位や名誉 肩書き財産全部取っ払った時 何が残るか!?Power in the musicHelps to grow understandingPower in the musicHelps you feel aliveSometimes the dark gets in and you can’t seeWhich way is up or down and you can’t let goWe’ve got to help one anotherthrough these hard timesWhen things get ruffIt’s not enough to stand by and watch it go downYou’ve got to be tuffSo start by accepting yourself andUnderstand that it all takes time, manOnce step to the left is one step to the frontEveryday is a chance to know and growUnconditional love is the way to goIt’s not impossible, you can do it!Power in the musicHelps to grow understandingPower in the musicHelps you feel aliveDon’t you know their is more out thereThen what’s sitting right there in front of your faceYou’ve got to get out, don’t even think twiceTake one step, feel the rhythm of survivalそこの目の青いキンパの白人偉そうな態度アメリカンプライド?What you talking, japanese all look the sameShort with black hair, brown eyes, it’s so lameおい、自分のことばっかり話してるなよ!Yo, you never independent, step your game up, dog!ここは日本だぞ、おいAnd that’s all you knowお前, You, お前, You, お前, yo, yo, yo!!!!よう、みんなEverybody out there!?答えてくれWe want to hear your voice!なぜ俺たちは争うんだ!?文化の違いStereotypes社会的地位Close-mindedness様々なフィルターElitism頭の良さなんてこれっぽっちしか変わんないWe gotta embrace our differences今お互いの違いを認め合おうじゃないか!!That’s the power of music!音楽の力よ!!The Power of Music, music makes you happyThe Power of Music, music makes you highThe Power of Music, music moves the peopleThe Power of Music, music stops the warThe Power of Music, music makes you smileThe Power of Music, music makes you higher and higherThe Power of Music, music moves the soulThe Power of Music, music ends the war, all warThe Power, music makes World Peace

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