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It was also demonstrated t翻譯高手

It was also demonstrated that yeast lees are  able  to sorb organic compounds found in wine ,such as sulfur products and anthocyanin.Razmkhab et al.showed that active dried  yeast cells might be used as fining agents to decrease compounds responsible for browning in white wine.

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    一項證明顯示:「酵母渣滓能夠有效吸收存在於酒裡面的有機化合物,諸如硫化物和花青素。 Razmkhabet也顯示活的乾酵母細胞可以用來做為減少白酒裡頭會讓酒褐化的混合物之澄清劑。Sorb → absorb:吸收;yeast lees:酵母渣滓;sulfur products:硫化物;anthocyanin:【植】【生化】花青;fining agent:澄清劑。

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