For Woman, If you wear open toes high heal shoes, do you usually wear pantyhose?

If you wear a long or short dress to a party, like wedding... do you usually wear pantyhose with open toes high heal shoes? Does it look bad if you wear with it... Cos you usually wear pantyhose with close toes heal shoes right..... I'm the kind of lady not too good for dress up on a party. And there will be a wedding need to go in 2 months. Please help! And i normally wear glasses, I'll be bridesmaid that day, should i get contact lenes... Does it worth it??

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    You are going to hear a lot of people saying these various things: pantyhose are outdated and should never be worn, pantyhose are only okay in the winter and with close-toed shoes, open-toed shoes should also be with bare legs, and bare legs are tacky.

    All women feel differently. I say make comfort your number one priority. For example, some women wear nylons because they prevent their thighs from rubbing together, and some women like nylons because they are a barrier between painful straps on shoes. Other women can't stand the feeling of nylons on their legs, especially if its hot.

    If you don't want to wear nylons, then don't. I think bare legs look fine with close-toed shoes and a short dress (provided of course that you don't need nylons to correct any flaws on your legs).

    If you like nylons, then wear them. But I'd suggest a very, very sheer natural shade with the teenist of seams on the toe if you plan on wearing open-toed shoes. If you are wearing very strappy sandals, then you might want to rethink either the nylons or the shoes.

    For a long dress, do whatever you want, because no one will see your legs and feet anyway.

    And NO DO NOT GET CONTACTS. The bride asked you to be a bridemaid knowing you wear glasses. It's silly to pay for contacts, exam, and rush delivery just for that day. Besides, you'll need some time to adjust to wearing them, or you'll be squinky eyed in the pictures.

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    There's nothing wrong with wearing glasses as a bridesmaid. You do what's most comfortable for you.

    As for the shoes - you have a couple options. If you get a pedicure and have freshly shaved legs, you could get away without pantyhose for the wedding. (Especially if the skirt is long.) They do have pantyhose that is open-toed - it kind of hooks around your big toe like a pair of flip flops - that would be good for this kind of situation. You can also buy very nice (and pricey, but it's worth it) hose that has next to no seam at the toe. I've seen many women wear this with open-toed shoes, and I'm from California where we try to avoid pantyhose like the plague!

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    I wear pantyhose no matter what my footwear is. Open toe, sandals, pumps, whatever. I think hosiery makes legs look much better - even tone and wonderful shine. Let's not forget the benefits of support that hosiery gives you while on your feet all day. Wear what makes you feel the most comfortable. I think in situations like weddings, hosiery is a must, because bare legs look so unfinished.

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    Both fashion and sexiness. More for sexiness, but this is the "fashion" or style of this girl. Kind of mix of dressy (high heels & pantyhose) and casual (jeans & shirt), all at the same time. A friend of mine used to wear shorts (one color) with a top and tights that matched (same color). No one else dressed like her, but she felt physically and mentally comfortable, and she looked great. I wish I could have seen the girl you refer to. Pantyhose are the sexiest article of clothing a woman can wear, period, the end. Wearing pantyhose with something other than a skirt or dress makes them even sexier!

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    i wear sheer toe hose if the shoes are open - my legs are so pale, it looks better than going without.

    this may sound like a silly question, but how badly do you need to see during the ceremony? i wear glasses, and i just left them off on my wedding day, and when i've been a bridesmaid. if you are blind without them, i guess that won't work, but it's something to think about.

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    OMG! MOM???? Did you get on the computer again? No! You do not EVER wear panty hose with open toed shoes. It is perfectly acceptable with closed toed, but not open toed. NO NO NO NO NO!

    You can get contacts if you want, or just take off glasses for the ceremony and pictures if you can do without. At least for the pictures. Hello, glare. I can't imagine that the bride would make you get contacts just for the wedding, thats a big expense, and on top of all the other things you'll be paying for, I wouldn't stress it. Good luck. AND NO PANTYHOSE, I'M SO SERIOUS!

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    wear sling back shoes with pantyhose because in two months it may be cooler and hose would be the summer heat, open toe shoes without hose are great but consider the season and weather in two months.

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    If the shoes are pumps, then I would probably wear hose, if they are sandals, then I wouldn't, since sandals are designed to be worn without hose. I generally avoid high heeled shoes all together, they hurt my feet, and if I were in a wedding party I would DEFINITELY avoid heels, and make sure that I wore nice flats. A bridesmaid will wind up spending alot of the time that day on her feet, so make sure your shoes are comfortable enough to stand around it. If you want to get contacts for the wedding, I think it's a great idea. Personally, I prefer my contacts to my glasses. But this is a personal preference area, but if you do decide to get contacts, I would do so in the next couple of weeks, because you have to get used to them. Good luck!

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    Let me lead off by saying that I HATE pantyhose.

    With that said. You can buy pantyhose that have the toe cut out. Those are meant for open toed shoes. You don't want a seam showing through your open toe.

    You don't need to get contacts. That's your choice.

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    For me, it depends on how hot it is. I was raised that a true lady never leaves the house without pantyhose, but sometimes it gets a little hot in Chicago! Nowadays you can go without, but if you want to-look for a pair that say "sandalfoot". That means they don't have the extra material on the toe. Good Luck. I'm sure you'll do fine!

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