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snow fall during the first 2 weeks of the month of december in Toronto, how likely is it to happen?

I want to visit toronto in the beginning of december, and would like to know what are my chances of seeing any snow over there around that time. From your past experience, do I have any chance of seeing any?


since it is not very likely to happen, where would be the closest place to see some snow? and yup, I have never seen the snow, that is why I am so eager to see even 1cm of snow :-)

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    Well you are going to see it snow when you come to Canada. If there happens to be no snow (highly doubt it) you can always take a trip up north and you can be sure that there will be snow there. We get alot of snow in December so I don't think you have too much to worry about.

    Enjoy your trip and remember to bring a heavy jacket.

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    Let's see beginning of December in or near Toronto. Hmmm, while in Toronto you might see less than if you left the city simply because large cities do tend to get less snowfall. However, there is a definitely high likelyhood of seeing snow that time of year. I am from just 2 hours outside of Toronto. A few years ago my mom came up North to pick me and my brother up from University, she drove home through a somewhat bad snowstorm. What was the kicker was the next morning when we got up, 4 feet (12 cm) of snow had fallen overnight. The roads were closed, people couldn't get out of their houses if their door opened outwards instead of inwards. It was terrible. But at the same time kind of neat to see so much snow fall so fast. So if you are heading to Toronto, and really want to see good snow. Follow almost every skier in the area and head near my home. The little town of Collingwood there has some of the best skiing in the area. Plus is absolutely gorgeous that time of year covered in a beautiful blanket of snow.

  • I have to say if you really want to experience snow, dont go to toronto... when it does snow, there is very little, and it is soon blackened and dirtied by the city streets.... a large city is actually gross in the winter, and it is the only time I hate seeing snow!! If you really want to see snow, drive about 500 miles north to Sudbury, Ontario and you will see REAL snowfall, and real snowbanks and REAL blizzards and you will see it for sure in December, I live very near Sudbury and we usually have snow in November... Toronto typically doesnt get much snow, and they often have "a green christmas" sometimes not getting any snow until January. I know this from years of driving back and forth between Southern and Northern Ontario... the closer to Toronto you get the less snow there is and the later it falls.

    Also there is a good chance if you go to Sudbury you will also see the Northern Lights(Aurora Borealis) if you stay up later... you cant see that in Toronto there is too much light pollution, also you will see far more stars in Sudbury.

    I suggest you go to Sudbury if you really want to know what winter is like...

    AND have a chance at seeing the Northern Lights...

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    I think people who have never seen snow really want to see snow FALLING, not just snow on the ground. If you're in Toronto for those whole two weeks, you have a pretty good chance of that. Montreal and Ottawa get more snow, though.

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    As the others have said It could snow in Oct. or as late as Jan. To see snow You could look around Bracebridge ON that is about 1 1/2 hours North of Toronto It is in the snow belt I have seen it snow every day from Dec to April. Watch t5he weather Chanel's or contact the Chamber of Comers for Toronto, Bracebridge. or go on line for their sights they can give a better idea of what the weather will be like when you go. Yes bring warm things to ware if you are not use to the cold the average temp is about -10-20o C To me that is not cold. Enjoy.

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    You may see some, but the forecasts say that it will be a warm autumn, which usually means a warm winter. If it does fall in Toronto, it won't last very long.

    If you want to see snow, travel to the prairies.

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    It is likely that you will see snow, but can't promise you how much. It sometimes comes early and then goes away in a couple of days. Sometimes it doesn't come until after Christmas. See if you acn check an almanac, I think it will be more accurate.

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    Come to Bobcaygeon@ 1.5 hrs north of Toronto to see clean snow,not the polluted dirty slush that a city normally gets

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    Yeah its possible. I have seen it snow end of October but I have also seen no snow until well into December. Regardless it will be cold.

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    You never know, the weather over here has been extremely hot over the summer, however it is starting to cool down in the evenings now. I would suggest checking out The Weather Network on line before you visit.

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