Where can i find businesses for sale?

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    You can check out e-bay under "businesses for sale", or you might consider a franchise and can go to franchise.com for more info. I am self-employed with a company that has been in business for 6 years. I found that I was better able to control my schedule, including the number of hours I spend working. There are definite advantages to working from home opposed to owning a franchise or other business establishment. Many of the people in my business have been franchise/business owners who have said that the business "owned them". If you would like more information, and are serious about a minimum 6 figure income, then you may contact me. My personal website does review some of the costs involved in owning a business vs being self-employed and you may peruse that for further information while searching for the right opportunity for you. I'm all for people doing their due diligence before making a decision, so I'm just offering yet another option for you to consider. Best wishes.

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    The first and most important factor is to decide on what type of business you are looking for and you want to engage in. It is important to go for one that matches your hobbies, skills, and lifestyle in terms of schedule.Once you settle this, the next step will be finding the perfect franchisor. It is quite easy since information avenues like the internet will provide you with different business franchises for sale. Apart from that, there are firms and companies that specialize in connecting people with such business interests and sourcing out franchise options. For more information visit- http://new-business-franchise.com/

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    There are many businesses for sale at www.acquireo.com

    Thousands of established businesses for sale at acquireo

  • Look in your local newspapers and you can also contact realtors in your area to get a listing.

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    depends on what type you are looking for...there are online businesses for sell on ebay.

    Visit the below site for examples:


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