Doesn't it bother you to give your money to pastors?

I see these guys like Pat Robertson or TD Jakes having huge profits from their followers. Doesn't it bother you how these people live off your money? The car they drive, the clothes they wear, the private schools their kids go to, their home, all funded by YOU. Heck, I have even seen one of these "pastor" dudes live in the same block as former president Bush in a 5 million dollar property. You'd think these guys are doing this preaching for god, but if that were true, they could hold a real job like the rest of us and put some chairs every sunday in their backyard and preach. If it gets too crowded, meet up at a park and have a picnic too. Why do they need these fancy places with flat screen tv's, powerpoint screens, colesiums, and all this other stuff in their church? Seems like a waste of money that could go to a hungry family or an orphan child.

Enough is enough. It is time to stop giving these opportunists your hard earned money.


Yes, I know churches do good work as in give money to the poor or assist with your grops and what not, but that still doesn't take away how they are profiting from you and you could give that money to a non-profit foundation that won't spend it on fancy things and will get more done.

Update 2:

replace "your grops" with youth groups. My keyboard is not working well.

Update 3:

Even local churches have pastors who spend a lot of money on themselves. Try going to ask them about their finances and see how they feel about it.

No, an analogy to your boss doesn't work. The pastors are supposed to be godly people that aren't working for a profit to give themselves all the luxuries they have. I know people that work on non-profit and make about 30k a year, only enough to make it through because they want the funds to help the people not themselves. Being a pastor doesn't need to be their job but rather an activity they do because they want to spread the word.

You know, I should be a preacher. Working once or twice a week for 3 or 4 hours and having a load of people just hand me their cash doesn't sound too bad.

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    Jesus did His best preaching sitting on a rock in a dirty robe. If it was good enough for Him, it should be plenty good enough for them.

    They can remember every chapter and verse when it comes to instilling Fear and Shame into us Sinners, but no one seems to remember the parts about throwing the money-changers out of the Temple, or really loving thy brother, or taking care of the poor, the aged, and the sickly. Some chuches do, but currently, Washington wants to pose as a church while making King Herod look like a liberal.

    "If you can't work double-time right up to the second you die, don't ask us for any help. We only work for the Rich. You don't think we do all this for that piddly little salary you folks give us, do you? Hell no, we came in rich and we're leaving billionaires! We can't do that giving your money back to the likes of you monkeys, can we?"

    I can't believe a president can portray himself as a born-again Christian while he has done nothing but rob the next three to five generations of God-fearing, hard-working people. And I cannot believe anyone who knows anything at all about the Bible buys his load of baloney.

    Some churches give freely and feed the poor, the sick, the aged, and those temporarily down on their luck, and God bless them!

    But when it comes to the likes of "televangelists," especially the ones you name and especially Bob Tilton, I hope they all roast in Hell. Wearing all these jewels and all that gold and glitz, owning jets, driving Rolls-Royces, ten thousand dollar suits, glass temples with velvet-lined pews, and spewing hate, shame, guilt, and religious bigotry all the while. Salvation comes with a fixed fee up front and with a ten-percent weekly vig per Soul, while people are starving nearby and old folks who eat dogfood send in their last few dollars.

    "The God I know isn't short on CASH, MISTER."

    ---Bono and U2

    "TV ministers are all pure Show Biz. Tax these pompous hypocrite bastards and all the businesses owned by these shameless clowns..."

    ---Frank Zappa

    Twenty-five years ago, I had terrible trouble with a "minister" who had a show-biz church across the street from me. He and his co-pastor both bought new Cadillacs every year or two, and they dressed like gangsters in a Martin Scorcese movie. He had the unmitigated audacity to tell me I was going to burn in Hell because I was baptized as a young child and that doesn't count. I have to be "born again," and he told me his fee right up front.

    I called him a hypocrite and I called him on his shameless lifestyle, too. I also told him I don't have much, but what I have is freely given to people who need help, strangers as well as friends, so it's likely I'll never have much material wealth in this life. I asked him how a so-called "man of God" can pass such a terrible judgment on someone he doesn't even know while he himself is driving around in a shiny new Cadillac in a brand-new suit, living in a very big new house, all paid for on money from a very small church.

    He crowed, "Jaysus gives me this to show the power of His Glory, Allelujah! Everywhere I go I show sinners what they can have if they say the name of Jaysus and repent the evil in their nature, Amen! The Lord says not to hide your Light under a bushel, and the world is full of His Light wherever I go. I am full of the Light, brother, I am full of the Light!"

    I told him he was sure full of something and the next week I vandalized his glitzy little guitar store. I guess he wasn't so Christian after all, but I'm sure God forgave me. It was my personal little version of Jesus overturning the money-changers' shameless pagan counting tables.

    My police record may always be marred, but some things in life are priceless. I'm sure in the next one, too.

    It will always be worth it to me. I have no doubt which of us taught the other the bigger lesson.

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    1 decade ago

    I agree that giving money to television evangelists and the like is quite foolish, simply for the fact that the people donating cannot see their money really going to the places they would like it to. Seems to me they would be better off finding a church or group in their communities and donating there where they could see improvements first hand in programs, buildings or aid to the needy. I think if it could be tracked, the main people donating to television ministries are the elderly who also happen to be shut-ins. They feel the need to be involved and helping and this is the only way they feel they can.

    Your comment about pastors only working a few hours a week however is way off base in most cases. They don't just write a sermon and deliver it on Sundays. They have many responsibilities within their church community. Visiting the sick and shut ins, holding classes for youth, counselling, attending most group meetings-such as the church board, maintenance, etc. Believe me it is a full time job, and not only between the hours of 9 to 5.

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    1 decade ago

    I don't give money to my Pastor, But I do pay my tithes, & our church don't even pass the offering plate, My Pastor has always beleived that if God truly call him to Preach, then God will supply the need. In fact, my Pastor works on a job, remodeling houses for a living & he is also Retired from Ford Motor Co. ALL of the church expenses are paid through the people willfully paying their Tithes. I do know what you are talking about with these TV Ministers, But where there is 10 bad ones, there will be that one little one that does NOT do those things.

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    1 decade ago

    Come on, Kenneth: these televangelists are doing a lot more than just making a decent living: they're filthy rich. Compare this with someone like Mother Teresa, who lived simply, among the people she was there to help. When she won the Nobel Peace Prize, which comes with a huge cash reward, she didn't go out and buy a mansion and a Mercedes, did she?

    And I don't promise my boss eternal salvation when I get my paycheck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I always enjoyed attending small traditional services. I haven't been to church regularly in a few yrs., but I agree. I've attended churches with my family that have made million dollar additions. These are more contemporary churches, but all the same. I don't think the bible was meant to be replaced by a Plasma, wide screen. It seems a bit much for me. I'm sure God appreciates anything in his name, but what happened to the simplicity of it all? Love His son and believe in his name. We are living in a big, big world and I still believe less is more.

    Source(s): reliable. I'm not old, 25. I read my answer and I sound like I'm elderly. These are just my observation over the last few yrs.
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    True, I really don't agree with giving money to big time evangelists or people like that. The only thing I have caught myself thinking about giving money to was a preacher on the local Christian talk radio that was excellent and I wanted to support him to insure that his programing stayed on the radio.

    Other than that I give my 10% to the church for the rightful reasons, the church is involved in the salary my pastor receives and I am just fine with the money he makes. We have a large pastoral staff, do many missions, building a new sanctuary...

  • 6 years ago

    You know, That's sort of what church's do with the facilities they have. I mean we meet in facilities and I see no problem with it. A professional sports team could just play in a park to save money and donate it to charities...right? Why is it so wrong to have a facility for the church to meet in. I'm sure no one has asked you for anything I don't know why you have to worry, but of course our world has people with nothing better to do then worry about others property. The church I go to has a wonderful children's and student ministry to keep kids out of trouble and a HUGE mission department, Yes that cost money, but im willing to pay for it if it helps our future from becoming stay at home computer nerds. Hope you see the light one day:)

    Source(s): Follower of Christ/Christian
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    1 decade ago

    You have absolutely right.. This bother me a lot.. Sometimes the lie to make you believe and to take your money away.. They r some people out there poor that they need seriously money, why the pastors don't give anything to them? And they expect of us to give them.. I don't have problem to give money to the poor but they have more money than us, that's way they r calling pastors to help people with problems and not to get money to be famous and live good...

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    1 decade ago

    I do not send money to big name TV preachers. My money goes to the local church. You have a right to know and observe the character of those who will be administering the funds you give.

  • 1 decade ago

    I've heard that some religions impose a mandatory percentage of your paycheck. If that's not bad enough, some take it via direct deposit.

    Can we buy our way to heaven? If so, I'm so behind on my payment to the church that I can't afford to be saved =0\

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