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Why are liberals just...NOT NORMAL?

1. Not religious

2. Pro GAY and trans-whatevers

3. Pro baby-killing

3. Anti military - who, by the way, are fighting for THEM TOO

4. Whatever I consider NORMAL & COMMON SENSE & DECENT - they are against!!!


Coragryph - if you are a Minister...

1. Do YOU think it is okay to be gay?

2. Abortions okay in God's eyes? Sex before marriage is wrong so having sex and killing a baby isn't?

I have strong opinions on these things because I am sad at the turn this world is taking. Too much acceptance of bad and indecent behavior.

Update 2:

For those of you who pointed out my two number 3's. It's late and I'm tired. I went to college and can count...thanks...

Update 3:

Jaret - L is for LOVELY (or Lynn)

Update 4:

calendar girl - I do not "judge" the sinner but rather I hate the SIN.

I am all for helping people and you'd be surprised at my community involvement.

I think society should be more self sufficient and rely less on government and my tax dollars. If I work for it - shouldn't I decide where my money goes?

Update 5:

Just as you would guide a naughty child - society NEEDS to hear what is acceptable behavior and what isn't. I think liberals accept & tollerate EVERYTHING and that is the problem. Lines get blurred on what is now deviant and what is mainstream.

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    because they are just little people with little lives who have to complain about everything for they know all the answers.

    and when you read what they have to say doesnt it just make your stomach curl-- knowing they are around your children

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    Because your definition of normal isn't normal. You're mentally ill.

    Here's why Conservatives aren't normal.

    1. So over-the-top with their religion that they can't think straight or use logic - a good Christian doesn't sacrifice his/her brain at the door of the Church.

    2. All human beings are human beings and if they're law-abiding, tax-paying citizens to deny them rights is anti-American.

    3. Why is an unborn baby more important than an innocent child in a war zone?

    3. (Since you can't seem to get that 4 follows three and three doesn't happen twice when one counts) It's not anti-military to wish that the troops are not sent into harms way for wars that are not in the US's best interest.

    5. Because you're mentally ill, what you consider NORMAL & COMMON SENSE & DECENT is NOT NORMAL, NOT RELATED TO COMMON SENSE, NOR IS IT DECENT.

    Your so called decency has led to more Americans being killed in the "war on terror" than were in 9/11. More people died and/or are missing as a result of Katrina and the government's incompetence in an emergency.

    So, you think it's NORMAL and DECENT to support an administration who's decisions have brought about more than 100,000 deaths worldwide, and whose incompetence contributed to the deaths of an additional 3,000 +?

    That's is abnormal and indecent.

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    The same reason why conservatives are...NOT NORMAL

    1. Doesn't believe in the Constitution where it states SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE

    2. Gay bashing

    3. Don't want babies killed, but it's ok to KILL THEM LATER (sort of like a fisherman: throw the small ones back and get them later...)

    4. State lies about the fact that if you disagree with bush's war, you hate the Valued Soldiers that are fighting for this country

    5. Whatever you consider NORMAL & COMMON SENSE & DECENT - it is not!!!

    EDIT TO HER QUESTION TO THE MINISTER: If you don't believe in that, that's fine. Just because you believe it is wrong to be gay, have pre-marital sex, and have an abortion doesn't mean that someone else doesn't. You CANNOT FORCE YOUR BELIEFS ON OTHERS. I know Christianity and was one. You are SUPPOSE to be a WITNESS to them. If they decide to do what they want, then you let GOD handle the rest. From Adam and Eve on throughout the Bible, GOD gave all of them a choice. Eve didn't have to eat the apple, Adam could've said no. Life is choice. Let people make their own, not you make it for them...

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    it isn't generic habit for a liberal. It actual seems extra like a republican baby-kisser. they're those that declare moral severe floor, then finally end up making apologies for going to Argentina. what's a cubby-mate. contained in the united states we do not use the time period 'mate' which makes me suspicions about who you state you voted for.

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    Because Normal, as you define it apparently means:

    1. Forcing your personal religion down everyone else's throat as a matter of law.

    2. Hating people just because they are different than you.

    3. Allowing the government to decide who gets pregnant and who doesn't.

    4. Wasting thousands of lives on pointless endeavors that do not benefit the US.

    5. Anything else that you happen to agree with.

    Which pretty much proves the point that you are mindlessly intolerant of anyone who disagrees with you.

    And we call other religions fascist.....

    Source(s): Ordained minister.
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    I'm not really a liberal; more a libertarian, but you need to understand something very important: Just because something seems obvious to you, doesn't mean it's right. So, you disagree with the liberal agenda; fine, that's your right. It doesn't mean they're not normal.

    Perhaps I think you're not normal:

    1) You're religious, so you believe in a god despite 100% lack of evidence of the existence of that god. That's very strange to me.

    2) You're anti-gay, although gays are innocent of any crimes, and are human beings just like the rest of us. I think you're very strange for worrying about what total strangers do with their penises.

    3) I think you're very strange for defining someone who supports freedom of choice for abortion as being "pro-baby killing".

    4) You don't seem to understand the difference between anti-military and anti-war; to me, that's very strange

    Also, you've listed two "3s" in your list, which is definitely not normal.

    Your point "4" is the dead giveaway. "Whatever *I* consider..." - do you have so much hubris? Can you not even begin to understand that your opinions are not the only valid opinions? Are you incapable of grasping that not only do others have opinions but that those opinions may have value, merit, and some basis in fact?

    Opinions are all well and good, but there's nothing more appalling than someone who is *convinced* they're right. We're all fallible, we're all biased, we're all culturally programmed, and we're all - to some extent - *wrong*.

    Why do I have the horrible feeling that I'm wasting my time?

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    I'm one of those "not normal" libs who's proud to be "not religious, I have gay, lesbian and transgendered friends, I believe in pro-choice, I served my country in the military so people like you could voice your opinions. I feel sorry you're such a hate-filled person, you're really missing out on the true meaning of life. Love and respect for fellow human beings!!

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    What? lets not blur the lines of politics and religion. Conservatards are confused they think that thier political party equates with religion. librals are plenty religious, but that has nothing to do with politics. Praising God has nothing to do with running a country. Also conservatards are arsed backwards in that they are pro-life, yet believe in killing in wars. I mean who would jesus bomb, yet conservatards think it is okay to start a war with a country that did nothing to us on 9/11. So it seems that conservatards are just plain stupid, and shouldn't be in charge of running the country. I mean thier leader is a complete ediot, a former cheerleader(how gay is that?), and a pethetic C student.

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    What is "NORMAL" to you?

    As far as "pro-gray", there are tons of gay Republicans! Ever heard of the "Log Cabin Republicans"

    NO ONE is "pro-baby killing"! Not Republicans, not Democrats, and not Independents. Members of all three parties are either pro-choice or they aren't. You are CATAGORIZING.

    Anti-Military? ... Did you know that there are currently 61 Democrats of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars that are running for seats in Congress as DEMOCRATS, and only ONE as a Republican? --- Do you know that there are more Veterans in Congress that have served in the Democratic Party, than in the Republican Party?

    I don't know what you consider "normal", but your facts are anything but.

    Do some research. Check out and find out why so many veteran's are running as Democrats this November.

    What a ludicrous comment.

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    It's a relief to know that you are not single-handedly defining the moral boundaries for all of us because I probably would've been burned at the stake a long time ago.

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    Why do religious people think that it okay to force there beliefs on others? and your logic is flawed, there's no sense in debating you your already brain washed.

    Liberalism, Novus Ordo Seclorum, Annuit Cœptis !!!!

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