Do televised real life court case's offer the public anything or is it a combination of ratings and hype...?

With the recent reporting of high profile men and women on the F.B.I.'s most wanted list, would it serve any legitimate purpose to televise the trials on major networks (not some obscure station on cable/satellite t.v.) of those alleged perpertrators who were apprehended.

I remember the O.J. Simpson trail and I found it very informative as to how the system works and what is expected of witnesses, police, attorneys, etc. in a courtroom setting.

Do the participants in any televised courtroom trial play to the camera to the point where facts and testimony are distorted ?

If you were required to offer testimony in a nationally televised courtroom proceedings, would you be intimated by the knowledge you are being televised by millions of viewers watching you and hearing your testimony.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Real life Court TV serves two entertain and inform.The show informs the public on the conduct of court procedding, basoing my divorce hearing basic law, and he roles of attorneys, judge, prosecuters and witnesses


    Its is possible that participants in the televised court trial shows "play it up" for the camera.After all, its television and everyone knows how important ratings are to tv.

    I would probably be intimadated by the tv viewers watching and hearing my testimony.But, I was intimadated during my divorce hearing..It was open to the public.And no one wants their personal life open in public.

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