Is Raven Symone Pregnant? Agree or Disagree with the statement.?

Raven Symone is actually around 21. When she was on Punk'd she was wearing a maternity shirt. And in the past year, in a matter of months she had gained a lot of weight. Why would this be a Top Secret? Raven Symone is Raven Baxter on the Disney Channel. Children believe she is a teenager in High School. If the fans of Raven Baxter found out Raven Symone was pregnant that would be a really bad look for the Disney Channel. You know how kids are. They mix up Characters of there favorite shows with the person behind the scenes. So wouldn't it be a possibility that Raven Symone is actually pregnant. Agree or Disagree. Why or Why not.

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    I've had that same feeling. I could understand why they would keep it top secret. But as much as she is on TV I don't see HOW they've pulled it off. It would explain why she's always "on tour" instead of interviewing with the Cheeta Girls. She's been doing a lot of voice overs and things to keep her body off camera. It seems for the past year they've been using well known pregnacy hiding techniques in her wardrobe as well as shooting her shows. She's always sitting or behind something, and when shes completely on screen, she's wearing oversized tops that crop beneath her chest. Her face has gotten rounder and her nose a little wide, and she has been glowing. So I think it's possible that she has a little one. My idea was that she is completely too active to simply be gaining weight, so there must be some reason for her sudden weight gain. If she has, then Congratulations to her. She still looks great.

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    4 years ago

    shes not pregnant rumors are uslay wrong

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  • 1 decade ago

    She's just a fatty bird....

    Love her, love her show... but she's just not a skinny gal.

    Babydoll tops are all the rage - prego or not.

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  • She is NOT pregnate if she was it would be all ove those celeb news things and she would be much fatter then she is now.

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