Bass players only!!!!!!!!!!!?

I just started playing with a grindcore band. The drumming and guitar are very fast. I cant keep up unless I use a pick. The problem is I have just been matching the guitar note for note speed picking. The baSS seems to just get lost in the mix. Any tips like play half the speed or what

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    i would say drop the pick and turn up your mids, that will help you cut through the mix with low end fury. I think merely just using the pick makes it get lost in the mix. Play with your fingers at half the speed of the verse riffs ( because all grindcore verse riffs are blistering) and stay with everybody during the slower riffs. Try throwing 3rds and 5ths around in the verses to make the bass stand out in grindcore. I know its hard to keep up in those uber fast riffs in grindcore, but stick with fingerstyle and you can cut through no problem!

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    Been playing for 20+ years....Listen, it takes time to build up strength and stamina. You also got to get your mind to coordinate it all together.

    Now it's nothing bad, every one starts some where so I am going to assume you are sort of new and give you some advice for young upstarts. That may not be you, if so you can ignore the rest...but just in case it is....

    One song I recommend for practicing is Red Sector-A from Rush off of Grace Under Pressure. Yeah it may not be your cup of tea what ever, the bass line is relatively simple but its a hard dam work out. At first it sounds like its not too fast, yeah tell me that when you hands are burning half way through. Actually you are playing along to a sequencer not a bass. This will build up stamina, help get rid of slop and train you to get really tight. Play it like you are a machine, try to be 100% perfect and don't drop a note.

    There are a lot of other songs that will get you stretched out and get your fingers beefed up but they are more complex. As you get better, start goofing around with old Iron Maiden stuff. You'll see that Steve Harris was the originator of fast and technical bass.

    Let your mentors be the great bass players...Old school Geddy Lee (Rush) Chris Squire(Yes) John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) Cliff Burton (OLD Metallica)

    More modern day...Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) John Myoung (Dream Theater) Les Claypool (Primus).

    Let the masters influence you and you'll be able to play anything and take your playing beyond anything you've ever imagined.

    Trust me on this one, have fun with the "grind" but put your time into study and become a musician...not just "another bass player"

    Hats off to you for not wanting to use a pick....Certain times its needed to create atmosphere to a song, but never as a crutch. Way to go on that!!!!

    Keep rockin!

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    first you need an effect machine for your bass


    you don't need to follow the guitar, (that's for jazz) but you need to pick the bass harder coz the grind will be amazing with your hard sound

    then use the picker used on your fingers. just played it hard and fast.

    Just likethat, but the important thing is you must use an effect machine, use the one with pedal.

    Well Good Luck!!

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    My husband's been playing bass for over 10 years he never used a pic

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    ok dude if you cant play fast enough with your fingers, play every other note. then when you practice on your own start slow then faster and so on. and to make it sound cool throw in some random variations, listen to some Primus and what Les Claypool does. good luck with your band :)

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    slowing down your speed helps as it provides a good contrast. implement chords into it as well to give it a heavier low end.

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    nope sry

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