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Where can I find information on how to cope with Parrots in heat?

My parrot stays in heat for 1 or 2 months at a time. She shreds anything she is given and uses her toys to pleasure herself. It is embarassing when we have company. Is there somewhere I can get information on how to deal with this and how long is normal for this behavior?

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    Your Parrot is in what is called "Breeding Condition". It does last one or 2 months. The best way to handle it is to simply leave her alone. She is following her instinct and as of yet, Avian Vets have not devised a way to "fix" a parrot, and so it is simply part of having a parrot in your life.

    Pay attention to her, and be kind, but if she gets crabby and doesn't want to come out of her cage, simply let her be. She is simply in no mood to cope with a human at the moment. This might lighten up as the years pass. Not all parrots remain as crabby in breeding condition, but they will hump their toys, or anything else for that matters.

    A website:

    If people come over, simply temporarily move the cage or stand to another room.

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    Limiting her light exposure to eleven hours of full light and twelve hours of complete darkness will cast the illusion of fall and winter weather, which will help her transition a little faster out of her hormonal state. Use a cover, and if you can wheel her into a quiet area, do, because the idea is to make her think that it's the dead of night for thirteen full hours every night. It may sound excessive, but when you remember that parrots are equatorial, and naturally get 12/12 light and dark a day, it makes sense. In fact, remaining on this routine could discourage her from becoming so sex-driven in the future.

    Other than that, you can only limit your touching to the head and neck. Under the wing is a BIG no-no spot among horny birds, as can be everything south of the shoulders, in some birds. Finding a web forum to talk with other bird owners is always helpful. I belong to the Tailfeathers Network, where there are all sorts of bird owners, but there are also forums for specific birds. Bird Talk online (type has forums, too; as does Birds N' Ways, which has a long-standing history of quality bird listings and bird articles.

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    More information is needed, what type of parrot do you have? My best advise to to talk to a breeder of that type of parrot, this would be someone who has first hand knowledge, that's would I would consult. I currently have 18 pet birds & have not had this problem in 15 years, so I can not speak from personal experience.

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    My cockatiels do the same, the only advise I have is keep them away from people who arent close friends of the family and who will be offended.

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    I don't know but I have a 1 1/2yr old Quaker that wants to have sex with me and it ain't gonna happen....Wacko bird brain...

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