Help help!!!!!!! what are some cool scientists that made an invention?

Its a projec for school thank you

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    Nils Alwall, (1904-1986), Sweden — the dialysis machine

    Archimedes, (c 287 BC-212 BC), Greece

    Manfred von Ardenne, (1907-1997), Germany

    Ami Argand, (1750-1803, Switzerland — Argand lamp

    Edwin H. Armstrong,(1890-1954), USA — FM radio

    William George Armstrong, (1810-1900), England — hydraulic crane

    Joseph Aspdin, (1788–1855), England — Portland cement

    John Vincent Atanasoff, (1903-1995), United States — modern unprogrammable computer



    Charles Babbage, (1791-1871), England — Analytical engine

    Leo Baekeland, (1863-1944), Belgian–American — Velox photographic paper and Bakelite

    Ralph Baer, (1922-), German born American — the home video game console

    John Logie Baird, (1888-1946), Scotland — a working television

    John Bardeen, (1908-1991), USA — co-inventor of the transistor

    Trevor Baylis, (1937-), England — a wind-up radio

    Donát Bánki, (1859-1922), Hungary — inventor of the carburetor

    Arnold O. Beckman, (1900-2004), USA — pH meter

    Alexander Graham Bell, (1847-1922), Canada — telephone

    Karl Benz, (1844–1929), Germany — the petrol-powered automobile

    Emile Berliner, (1851-1929), Germany and USA — the disc record gramophone

    Tim Berners-Lee, (1955-), England — with Robert Cailliau, the World Wide Web

    Bi Sheng, (?-1052), China — primitive movable printing types

    Lászlo Bíró, (1899-1985), Hungary — modern ballpoint pen

    Ottó Bláthy (1860-1939), Hungary — co-inventor of the transformer, wattmeter, alternating current (AC) and turbogenerator

    Katherine Blodgett, (1898-1979), England — nonreflective glass

    Nils Bohlin, (1920-2002), Sweden — the three-point seat belt

    János Bolyai (1802-1860), Hungary — discoverer of non-Euclidean geometry

    Joseph-Armand Bombardier, (1907-1964), Canada — snowmobile

    Seth Boyden, (1788-1870), USA — nail-making machine

    Walter Houser Brattain, (1902-1987), USA — co-inventor of the transistor

    Louis Braille, (1809-1852), France — the Braille writing system

    Karl Ferdinand Braun, (1850-1918), Germany — cathode-ray tube oscilloscope

    Imre Bródy, (1891-1944), Hungary — co-inventor of krypton-filled fluorescent lamps

    Edwin Beard Budding, (1795-1846), England — lawnmower

    Roger Bacon, (1214-1292), England — magnifying glass



    Cài Lún, (50 AD — 121), China — paper

    Marvin Camras, (1916 - 1995), USA — magnetic recording

    Chester Carlson, (1906-1968), USA — electrophotography

    Wallace Carothers, (1896-1937), USA — Nylon

    Dennis Charter, (1952-), Australia — Secure Electronic Payment System

    Adrian Chernoff, (1971-), USA — GM Autonomy, GM Hy-wire, Rubber Bandits

    Niels Christensen (1865-?), USA — O-ring

    Samuel Hunter Christie, (1784-1865), England — Wheatstone bridge

    Christopher Cockerell, (1910-1999), England — Hovercraft

    Jacques Cousteau, (1910–1997), France — co-inventor of the aqualung and the Nikonos underwater camera

    Holger Crafoord, (1908-1982), Sweden — inventor of the artificial kidney

    János Csonka, (1852-1939), Hungary — co-inventor of carburetor

    Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, (1725-1804), France — automobile

    Juan de la Cierva, (1895-1936), Spain — the autogyro

    William Cullen, (1710-1790), Scotland — first artificial refrigerator

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    George Washington Carver, Eli Whitney, Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein.

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    Here are some scientists and their inventions :

    Thomas Edison - the lightbulb, Alexander Graham Bell - the telephone, Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier - the hot-air balloon, Karl Benz - the motor car, Thomas Newcomen - the steam engine, Rudolf Diesel - the Diesel engine, Hermann Dreser - aspirin, George William Manby - the fire extinguisher.

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    1. Sir Joseph P. Humpdegarden: invented the rubber band.

    2. Oswald von Jagdenburg: invented the toothpick.

    3. Edna Thistle-Pettiwurst: invented the clothes pin.

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    Here are the names of 5 noted scientists and a brief idea of what they are famous for discovering:

    Neils Bohr - Early theory of atomic structure

    Wolfgang Pauli - Pauli Exclusion Principle

    Albert Einstein - Theory of relativity

    Theodore Lyman - Lyman Series

    Johannes Rydberg - Rydberg Constant

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    Thomas Edison, George Washington Carver.

    The list is endless really

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    Look for information about some scientists at UCLA who have created a form of cold fusion. Cold fusion is something that could potentially revolutionize the way we make electricity.

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    Leevenhoek (i don't know if i spelled that right) invented the microscope and

    Mendeleev came up with the periodic table

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    Do a web search for inventors. You will have to decide if the people you choose are/were scientists, and are/were cool.

    Personally, I favor Archimedes.

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    scientist don't really create inventions, more like ideas.

    but i guess watson & crick were the first to identify DNA, was in the shape of a double helix. uhh....darwin thought up the theory of evolution.....uhhh.........Lord Kelvin....physicist who is noted for the early search carried out in static electricity and magnetic phenomenathe ampère-meter, the volt-meter and the...uh...watt-meter....theres a couple....dont forget einstein and his theory of relativity and his electromagnetic theory of light.....guess those aren't really inventions, but ideas like a said......

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