what is the origin of Idaho university's nickname?

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    I searched the web and found the following in the April 22, 2005 edition of the University of Idaho Argonaut:

    "Also associated with Vandal athletics is, of course, Joe Vandal. Argonaut Sports Editor Harry Lloyd McCarty developed the mascot of UI in 1918. Other options, which were thankfully rejected, were the "Wreckers," "The Huns" and "The Huskies." None of these caught on, leaving Idaho with the Vandals. Joe has been around since then."

    I found the following from Answers.com:

    "Van·dal (văn'dl)



    1. One who willfully or maliciously defaces or destroys public or private property.

    2. A member of a Germanic people that overran Gaul, Spain, and northern Africa in the fourth and fifth centuries A.D. and sacked Rome in 455.

    [Latin Vandalus, Vandal, probably of Germanic origin.]"

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    It's a Vandal by the way, I have no idea. I saw something about a Germanic tribe name or someone that vandalises something.

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